Let The Sun Shine


Shotover is a place I used to go when I was younger and used to love going, over the past few years I have returned for little walks and picnics. It was beautiful day so I took these at the top of Shotover, it was a little cloudy however when the skies are clear you get a lovely view of Oxford. The sun gave a haze to the photos and I loved the effect so left these photographs untouched!

Jeans are something that I find awkward to buy, it's so hard to find a pair that fit me properly especially since one pair will be too big around my waist but fit my hips, but if I go for a smaller size it fits around my waist but too tight on my hips. I tried out a few different jeans from ASOS lately and these are one of the ones I kept as I love the fit, there is a slight stretch in the material and they are skinny all the way down. I styled it up with this cute crochet top, and if you didn't know crochet is one of my favourite  trends for Spring this year! The Kipling bag added a pop of colour and the little monkey is called Tina (because you really wanted to know that haha). Do you have a favourite trend for Spring?

Rebecca x

Outfits of the Week: (OOTW) March 2015

Outfits of the Week: (OOTW) March 2015

I'm starting to do more fashion videos on my YouTube channel so thought I would show my outfits of the week, this is something I'm thinking of doing every month so let me know if that is something you would like to see. I've included all of the items below so if you want to check out anything in this video you can do that easily!

Spring Florals


I've got a very colourful and bright outfit post today! Over the past year I've become a huge fan of floral prints and wear them all year around, however as it is now officially Spring I thought I should have more colour in my life and what better way to start than this beautiful floral skirt.

The weather has been hit and miss lately with some days being beautiful and others raining, this skirt is great transitional piece as you can wear it both with and without tights. I styled this with my peach blouse, and if you look closely my nails actually match the light blue shade in the skirt (I noticed this after, this wasn't planned haha). To finish off the outfit I wore my wedges which go with almost anything! Are you a fan of floral prints too?

Rebecca x
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