Winter Wish List: George at ASDA


1. Hooded Fleece Onesie - £16
 2. Grey Mule Slippers - £6
3. Penguin Socks - £5 
4. Cosimax Hot Water Bottle - £5

It's getting to that time of year again where it's colder and the nights are drawing in. When it's like this I love nothing more than watching a movie snuggled on the sofa in my onesie with a hot chocolate, it makes a perfect cosy night in. George at ASDA have some great onesies in at the moment that I have been lusting after so I have made a winter wish list of items to keep me cosy and warm in the cold months ahead. Not only have they got some really lovely products in at the moment, the value of these are amazing as all of their products are super affordable!

In particular I have fallen in love with this baby pink fluffy onesie which has cute little ears on the hood and would be super snuggly. Onesies are so comforting on cold nights and I love to zip myself up in one when it's a little chilly.  I'd pair it with these mule slippers which are soft and fluffy on the inside which would keep your toes warm. I thought the grey pair would go perfectly with the pink onesie but they come in lots of different colours. Now onto something that is a winter essential for me, cute cosy socks! I thought these penguin socks were adorable and I always purchase new warm socks to wear in the winter every year. The last item on my wish list is this hot water bottle, the red nordic design gives it a very christmassy feel and I actually don't own one of these anymore. I used to love snuggling on the sofa with a hot water bottle and taking it to bed to with me to keep me warm and cosy, I definitely need to get this as I've missed having one!

You can view the full range of onesies here which will prepare you for the cold weather that has just started to arrive!

Rebecca x

*This is a sponsored post*

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum Review

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum Review

Recently I have been doing my makeup different to reflect the Autumn season and have found myself getting a little bit bored of my black eyeliner. I'm not normally that adventurous when it comes to eyeliners but the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum (£12) is such a beautiful shade I couldn't not try it out. It's a dark plum purple with a brown undertone, a great shade if you want to try something different than the generic black but don't want to step too far out of your comfort zone.

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum Swatch

When applied this pen is very creamy and just glides on with very little pressure applied. It blends easily so you can easily create a smokey eye look with this but doesn't smudge once it has dried. I love how pigmented this is and how it lasts all day, it's becoming one of my Autumn makeup essentials. Also how cute is the packaging, it always draws me to their products!

Have you tried out any Pixi Eye Pens?

Rebecca x

Flirty & Floaty


WalG is a brand I discovered at the beginning of this year and have loved ever since, the styles and quality of their clothing is consistently brilliant. I think that this floaty layered dress could be worn both day and night, just swap the heels for some brogues or pumps and it's a great daytime outfit. I styled it with my Burberrt bag and heels which look good with so many different outfits!

Rebecca x

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