A Bite to Eat at Pizza Express

Pizza Express Buffalo Margarita



I’m starting to incorporate more lifestyle related posts on my blog, and with me being a massive foodie it was only going to be a matter of time until I posted a food related post! Me and Aaron went up to Derby the other day and done a little bit of shopping at the McArthur Glen Outlet. When all the shops shut we thought we would grab a bite to eat to miss the rush hour traffic going back to Oxford (perfect excuse!). I had never noticed the Pizza Express restaurant there before so we thought we would give it a try since we don’t normally eat pizzas out, I’m much more of a burger lover!

Pizza Express Garlic Doughballs

Pizza Express Buffalo Margarita

Pizza Express Buffalo Margarita: McArthur Glen Outlet Derby

The restaurant was spacious and you could see the chefs working hard making the pizzas, I love it when places do this as it’s interesting to see them making your food! We ordered some garlic cheesy dough balls to start with which are my favourite, if I ever go somewhere and they sell these I always order them. Then for my main I ordered the Romana 65’s Margarita Bufala pizza which is part of their new spring menu. Now I LOVE mozzarella and this has extra torn buffalo mozzarella on top along with tomato, fresh basil, oregano and garlic oil. As the base of this pizza is really thin you can’t pick it up but instead have to eat it with a knife and fork, which is something I do anyway. It was delicious and even though I was full after eating it, I found the pizza to be quite light.

Pizza Express: McArthur Glen Outlet Derby

Pizza Express Calzone Classico

Aaron went for the Calzone Classico which if you don’t know is a pizza folded in half! We actually didn’t realise this at the time as we had never ordered one before, we thought it was going to arrive like a normal pizza. I did try some and it was delicious and crunchy,  Aaron finished all of it so was a hit with him too!  The Classico came with lots of topping including four meats, mozzarella, tomatoes, gran milano cheese and herbs. As it’s folded in half everything melted together and was a perfect combination.

Pizza Express Buffalo Margarita: McArthur Glen Outlet Derby

When we left we were told that it’s the first Pizza Express that offers breakfast, hopefully the one in Oxford will start offering that too although that could be very dangerous if they did! Overall we both really enjoyed our meals and is somewhere that we would definitely go back to.

Rebecca x

Instagram: 6 People You Should Be Following

Are you looking for new people to follow on Instagram? I share my top 6 people to follow!

When I wake up in the morning there’s nothing more I love to do than flick through other peoples Instagram. It’s literally the first thing I do in as it helps wake me up, and who doesn’t want to see lots of pretty photos in morning?! I have a lot of favourites but thought I would show you my current top six that I love and would recommend to everyone.

I discovered Toni when I attended a blogger event at the ShopStyle offices as he gave a talk about Instagram. He was so lovely and I instantly fell in love with his photography, there’s such a high level of detail put into it. A lot of time and planning must go into every single photo he uploads as they are flawless and well thought through. Using food as an example I like that he doesn’t just take a photo of the food, but adds accessories into the photo too which gives more character.


Leanne gives me major style and hair envy, her outfits are always so well put together and she looks amazing in everything. I always get a lot of fashion inspiration from her posts and they have enabled many purchases, oops! I just wanted to add that she seems like the loveliest ever person and is an amazing photographer!

When I’m looking for fitness inspiration then this is the woman I turn to, I love her photos popping up in my feed when I’m lacking motivation to go to the gym as it helps motivate me again! She’s such a inspiration and encourages me to live a healthier lifestyle. She also has the cutest ever Frenchie called Stephen (I want him!).

If you’re interested in healthy eating then you will love Ella. I’ve been a reader of her blog for a quite a while now and recently purchased her book which I’m loving. Who says healthy food can’t be delicious and look amazing? She makes everything look incredible and her recipes are spot on, my favourite at the moment being the creamy coconut porridge!

I have a huge girl crush on Shay Mitchell, she is absolutely gorgeous! She plays Emily in Pretty Little Liars which is my favourite TV show, if you haven’t seen it before I’d definitely recommend it. Her photos are fun and inspiring, it adds a little bit more happiness into my Instagram feed!

Slightly different one here but you may know I LOVE French Bulldogs, and Trotter is one sassy dog! He’s always dressed up in the cutest outfits and puts a big smile on my face.

I’d love to know who your favourite people are to follow on Instagram!

Rebecca x


Outfits of the Week: (OOTW) May 2015

Outfits of the Week: (OOTW) May 2015

It’s that time of the month again where I share with you my outfits of the week, I’ve been doing these every month and a lot of you seem to really like them too which I’m pleased about as I love filming and editing these. The week I filmed the weather was a little hit and miss so there are a mix of outfits as some are more summery, whereas I added extra layers on others.

Outfit 1
Necklace | Gift

Outfit 2
Necklace | Gift

Outfit 3


Outfit 4
Rebecca x


Striped Shirt & Chinos

This year I have been trying to venture away from jeans more and try out new styles of clothing. After I fell in love with printed trousers I thought I would try out some chinos, and the first place that came to mind was Marks & Spencers as their clothes are great quality and they have a good selection of smart casual wear. I picked up these light washed chinos which are super soft, I turned up the bottoms and love the fit and how they look. As it’s quite plain I wanted my top to have a bit more going on so styled it with this striped shirt and turned up the sleeves to give the outfit a more casual feel. I’m so happy that I’m venturing away even more from my comfort zone and trying out things I wouldn’t have previously worn, I’ve actually purchased these chinos in a brown too!

Onto my accessories, you may have already seen this watch as I’m in love with it. I have a little obsession with rose gold at the moment, I think it’s so beautiful for summer. I also wore this delicate bracelet from Nadia Minkoff, I love how it’s so simply yet still gorgeous.

Rebecca x