Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

IMG_3330You can apply stepping outside your comfort zone to almost every aspect of your life. It’s something that can be extremely hard to do, however if you do you often feel great afterwards. Sometimes I get stuck in a fashion rut always wearing similar items, when I notice this happening I try to take a few risks with fashion choices and rediscover my personal style.IMG_3317 IMG_3326Often I get inspiration from other bloggers, however a lot of the time even though I have fallen in love with their outfit I question “will it suit me? I love it but it’s not really my style is it? It looks great on them but won’t look as good on me”. I go from falling in love with an outfit to completely putting myself off it for myself, however when I notice this I do try to push myself to purchase what I love and then decide how I feel about it once I’ve tried it on. A lot of the time when I’m wearing the clothes I do end up liking them on me, although it can sometimes take a while to feel comfortable as some things take a little getting used to especially if it’s quite outside my comfort zone.IMG_3315 I came across these floral printed trousers on ASOS and thought why not order them, I can always send them back if I change my mind so that’s exactly what I did. I do prefer how they look on however I must admit that I think it will take me some time to get used as they have quite a bold print. They’re one of those pieces that I love and just think I need to wear them a few times to adjust and feel comfortable. As they are very bold I thought I would keep the rest of the outfit quite plain with block colours, the top is from J.D.Y. and the blazer is from Topshop. Let me know if you try to step outside of your comfort zone with fashion too!

Rebecca x

Favourites from the Shower: Liz Earle

liz earle orange flower botanical body wash nourishing botanical body creamIf you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you will know that Liz Earle is one of my favourite skincare brands, their products are always amazing for my skin and they always contains lots of skin loving ingredients. Body wash and cream isn’t something I actually talk about that often even though it’s something I use on a daily basis, however I couldn’t not share two that I have been loving recently as they are incredible! I think I’m going to start a new series where every month I tell you about my favourite products that I’ve been using in the shower. Body wash is something that we all use but I don’t see many people talking about, I love to use beautifully scented products in the shower that leave my skin soft so thought why not share them!

The Liz Earle Orange Flower Body Wash has a beautiful citrus scent which is uplifting and lovely to use in the morning, I find it really helps wake me up! I love getting out the shower smelling of this as it is gorgeous and the scent really stays on your skin. Full of naturally active ingredients such as ten different essential oils, organic oats and organs flower water it leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. I have loved using the Nourishing Botanical Body Cream afterwards, I always try to remember to moisturise every time I get out of the shower as it keeps my skin smooth. It contains shea butter and avocado oil which are super nourishing and the rose-scented geranium essential oils, lavender and pure orange leave my skin smelling amazing! I find the scent of the cream layered on top of the body wash scent is a lovely combination and they compliment each other perfectly.

Rebecca x


Things Have Been a Struggle Recently, But I’ll Be Okay | Anxiety & Panic Attacks

905530_10207874871413901_2238507476894212401_oThings have been a struggle recently and as I’m typing this I’m wrapped in a blanket not wanting to face the world. I’ve never really opened up about my anxiety in the past and I could count the amount of people that know on one hand. All of these have found out as I’ve had panic attacks in front of them and it’s a bit hard to hide there’s something wrong when you’re completely freaking out. I’ve thought a few times whether or not I should write about this issue as it’s very personal and can be very upsetting. The only person who knows the full extent of my anxiety and panic attacks is my boyfriend who I live with, he sees how it controls my life and what I go through on a regular basis. Even though he doesn’t completely understand I’m very lucky that he is as understanding as possible and extremely supportive.

What is Anxiety and Panic Attacks?
I’m always trying to understand anxiety as much as possible as I find that the more I know the better I feel about it. It’s not easy to explain briefly but anxiety to me is a constant feeling that something bad is going to happen and it feels heavy. Sometimes my heart rate increases, my throat starts to feel tight and I get quite agitated. When I have a panic attack this is when my body goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode. Adrenaline kicks in as it’s designed to prepare us for either fighting or escaping a dangerous situation, however if you have panic attacks then this can happen when you’re completely safe and there is no danger. There are some horrible symptoms that come with this that can be quite scary, just a few that I experience are:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Racing heart
  • Chest pain
  • Tight throat
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Confusion
  • Sweating
 These are just a few of them and it’s quite scary to experience, some people even mistake panic attacks for other more serious problems. Some of you reading this might not understand but that’s okay, I think it’s something that unless you have experienced yourself it’s hard to understand.


Where did it all begin?
Anxiety originally began for me when I was very young in the form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I don’t think anyone actually knows about this so this is the first time anyone is learning about this which is pretty scary, however I feel I shouldn’t be ashamed of it anymore. When I was little my mum had cancer and OCD was my way of dealing with it, I became completely obsessed with even numbers. I used to have to tap the end of my bed four times as if I didn’t I became extremely anxious that my mum would die, it then escalated into me having to have an even number of biscuits, the volume on the tv on even and so on. It sounds completely ridiculous but to me it was all real, I’m not going to go into much more detail however when my mum started to recover my OCD slowly started to fade. I still have to have the volume on the tv on an even number but apart from that I’m fine.


I then went on to live a relatively anxiety-free life for quite a long time, I had the occasional panic attack linked to my phobia which I don’t want to go into detail about but apart from that I was okay until about three years ago. Something happened that caused me to become so stressed that I had a panic attack, this was the first time that I had ever had a panic attack not linked to my phobia. I did also see the return of my OCD however it didn’t last too long, when I started to become less stressed about what had happened it started to fade again. At this point I was in my second year of university and things got worse very gradually over time, I’d become anxious about situations that I had been completely fine in before and my panic attacks became more regular. When I say gradual I mean it really did creep on me slowly, my third and final year of university I had occasional anxiety and panic which became more noticeable once I had finished. I did at this point seek help, well I say seek help but actually it involved me having a huge panic attack in the doctors and accepting help. I was offered medication however didn’t want to go down that route so instead received CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for quite a few months which helped slightly, but not that much. CBT can help people completely overcome anxiety and panic attacks however for me this was not the case. When this ended I was put on a waiting list for further treatment, after nearly a year of being on the list I moved out of Oxford so was took off it. If I’m completely honest the past few months have been a bit of a struggle, every single day I’ve had anxiety and it is making me feel so drained and unwell. I feel like I can’t even have five minutes to relax, it’s always there and never seems to go away. I may be having a tough time at the moment but I’ve been through similar patches before and have managed to get through, yes it may be a little worse this time but I feel like I am starting to learn how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks a lot better than previously. I could ramble about this all day however this post is already becoming incredibly long, one day when I have more control or am maybe even ‘cured’ I may follow up on what’s helped me.


Over this time I’ve learnt a few different things:

  • Even though the symptoms can be extremely scary, they are real but they cannot harm you.
  • Don’t suffer in silence. Even though I ended up opening up to my boyfriend, it was actually because I was unable to hide it anymore however I wish I had opened up much sooner. Just talking to someone can help and it’s really nice to have that support. I also love that I can just pick up the phone and call my parents if I need to talk to someone.
  • This moves onto the fact that I can confide in my loved ones. They may not completely understand but that’s fine and I know they are there for me.
  • Step outside your comfort zone. This is something I’m struggling with however am still trying to do as much as possible. Facing up to the things that make you anxious is so important and I’m going to work on this more, I know that the more I avoid a situation the worse my anxiety becomes so I am really going to try.
  • It’s okay to cry. I think part of me getting upset a lot recently is that I’ve tried to bottle everything up and I’ve got to this point where I can’t keep it all in anymore. Letting it all out really helps and gives me a feeling of release.

I think that admitting that I have a problem helps a lot with moving forward, even though the fact that I’m publishing this on my blog terrifies me. Reading other peoples experiences on their blogs has helped me to realise that I’m not alone and that I’m not the only one feeling like this. Hopefully this can help someone else feel that they are not alone and that it is okay.

I’d love for you to share your experiences below if you suffer from anxiety or know someone who does. Knowing you’re not alone is so important as well as not being embarrassed to open up about it as I once was. I’d just like to end this by saying to remember to be nice to everyone, you never know what they are going through in their life and being nice can go a long way.

Rebecca x

Styling the Plain White Tee

IMG_3494 IMG_3487Without a doubt the plain white tee is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe, it also allows you to have fun with the rest of your outfit! It’s such a wardrobe essential however it can be easily overlooked with the most potential for outfit versatility. Whether you’re wearing it to the office, for a casual catch up with friends or on date night, it can be styled to suit most occassions.IMG_3496 IMG_3485Personally my favourite way to style the plain white tee is with printed trousers as the options are endless! I’ve been loving these blue floral printed trousers from New Look recently, the pattern on them is beautiful and they’re easily wearable. I find printed trousers go perfectly with plain tees and it means that as the top half of your outfit is simple you can accessorise a little more.IMG_3533IMG_3522I couldn’t not accessorise without including this beautiful ladybird necklace from Swarovski. It adds a little pop of colour to the top half of the outfit and I’m in love with it! Little fact, I’m actually terrified of real ladybirds however I love them as jewellery and prints. I thought I would style this rose gold bangle which is also from Swarovski and is a gorgeous simple piece. This was actually a graduation present from my parents so it’s very special to me and it’s one of my most worn jewellery pieces.Timex Fairfield Weekender Collection Timex Fairfield Weekender CollectionThis watch with a gorgeous blue striped strap is from the Timex Fairfield Weekender Collection. They’ve released some beautiful styles for Spring with the one I’m wearing being my favourite from the collection. I was surprised to find out that the watch actually has a nightlight which means you can light up the watch face when it’s dark – brilliant (I’ve only ever had this feature on digital watches before). It’s such a beautiful statement piece and you will see me wearing this a lot throughout Spring and Summer as it will compliment the majority of my outfits due to it’s minimalist design.

Rebecca x