Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts


At a glance these look very similar to the Too Faced Heart Blushers which I was excited about as I never took the plunge into purchasing them and these looked just as beautiful. Makeup Revolution have six different blushing hearts in their collection and I'm going to show you three of them which are a bronzer, highlighter and blusher.

 Bronzer x 3 | Blusher x 3 | Highlighter
Makeup Revolutions Blushing Hearts (£4.99*) are triple baked and I am a big fan of any beauty product that has been baked as I always find it blends easier and is more finely milled. All of these are super pigmented and as the powder is finely milled it's easy to build up to the intensity that you want. The Summer of Love Bronzer in Hot Summer of Love has three shades which I love to swirl together to give me a sun-kissed look and a healthy glow. Blushing Hearts in Bursting with Love is a warm toned blusher which has three shades, I love swirling these together but they can also be used separately if wanted. The first shade makes a beautiful highlighter and the other two look lovely as separate blushers. Goddess of Faith is one of the most beautiful highlighters that I own, it's a pearlescent pinky champagne shade and gives a beautiful highlight to the skin and the shimmer particles catch the light subtly which gives a lovely effect.

All of these take pride on my dressing table as they are way too beautiful to put away and store in a draw, they are something that I love to keep out on display. Have you tried any of these beauties before?

Rebecca x

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water and Gel

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution and Gel Review

I had been using my Bioderma Micellar Water for over a year and decided it was about time that I tried something new, while I was shopping in Tesco I noticed the L'Oreal Micellar Water and Gel on offer so thought I would give them a go especially as I had never seen a gel version before.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water (£4.99) is designed to dissolve makeup, unclog pores, remove purities and tone the skin. I'm always careful when trying out new skincare products as my skin is very sensitive, however this did not irritate my skin at all and was actually very soothing. It worked really well as removing all of my face and eye makeup, I didn't need to rub my skin as it gently lifted the makeup off. After using my skin felt toned and smooth. The other product was the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Gel (£3.99) which is a sensitive eye makeup remover. As it's a gel it's slightly thicker than the solution and I found I didn't need to use as much, it removed my eye makeup just as well however I did prefer this it felt more hydrating and soothing afterwards.

Overall I love these products, they are both hypo-allergenic, have no fragrance and are alcohol free. I'll definitely be using this in replace of my Bioderma as even though they are very similar, this is much easier to get hold of and I love how gentle the gel is at removing eye makeup.

Rebecca x

Winter Evening Routine


I had previously filmed my winter morning routine and a lot of you really liked it and wanted me to film another routine video, so here is my winter evening routine. My evening starts with dinner and after this I love to put on my cosy onesie so I'm super comfortable for the rest of the night. As I was filming this it actually started to snow which I find amazing as we rarely ever get snow, obviously I had no choice but to go and play in it like a big kid!

Rebecca x
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