BlanX White Shock Review & Giveaway

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Teeth whitening is something that has always interested me and have tried various different products which haven't worked for me. I know there are some that definitely work but these tend to contain hydrogen peroxide and essentially bleach your teeth. Over the last few weeks I have been trying out the BlanX White Shock range which aims at whitening teeth without using any ingredients that damage tooth enamel such as hydrogen peroxide.

This mouthwash is activated by light and removes bacteria as well as continuing to whiten your teeth throughout the day. This can be used with the LED bite which I've spoke about further down for 30 seconds to help whiten your teeth even more. It tastes minty and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed after using.

As with all of the products from this range, this is a light actives gel pen which is hydrogen peroxide free which means that is it safe and doesn't damage tooth enamel. To use this you just remove the cap, turn the base to squeeze out the gel, then just rub onto your teeth. I've been leaving this on for 10-15 minutes then rinsing afterwards. It doesn't have a nice taste as it's quite bitter, but the taste fades after a few seconds so it doesn't bother me. As it stated I used this twice a a day for two weeks and still have quite a bit left in the tube.

This kit consists of the LED bite and a whitening toothpaste, it claims to make your teeth up to 4 shades whiter in just two weeks. The way I used this was after brushing my teeth with the toothpaste below, I rubbed this toothpaste over the LED bite, turned it on and left it in my mouth for 1 minute everyday. I also used this for 10 minutes once a week as it stated that it would whiten teeth even quicker. This actually works on not just teeth, but also implants and fillings.

This toothpaste is non-abrasive, peroxide free and is meant to whiten your teeth throughout the day  due to the ActiluX that it contains which reacts to light. Also included is an LED light accelerator which boots the whitening action, you screw it to the end of the toothpaste and it lights up as the toothpaste is squeezed out.

This is the same toothpaste as previously mentioned but this does not come with the LED light accelerator, however if you already have this you can just attach it to the end and use them together. I can't quite describe the taste of this but I'm not that overkeen on it, however the taste is gone once you have finished brushing your teeth anyway.

I've been using these products for 3-4 weeks now and have definitely seen an improvement. I used all of the products together for two weeks, then just used the toothpaste and mouthwash after with the LED bite intensive treatment once a week. I've been pleased with the results and my teeth are whiter than they were before, please note that this will not make your teeth unnaturally white (bright white) as it doesn't contain any abrasive ingredients. It does however make your teeth look naturally whiter and I'm going to continue to use this as I feel the longer I use it for, the more positive results will be achieved so feel free to message me if you want to know how I'm getting on. It took about 3 days to start seeing results, and after 2 weeks these were a lot more prominent and it's continued to whiten my teeth even more. As I used these all together I'm not sure what particular products worked best, but I do know that they all worked well together. If you're interested in trying out the range they are available at a lot of places such as Boots, Superdrug, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose. You can also follow BlanX on Twitter and Facebook!

There are other ways that you can enhance your smile especially at this time of year so for some inspiration I have included a video below of makeup artist Cassie Lomas showing you an easy Christmas makeup look.

The lovely people at Blanx are kindly letting me giveaway the whole BlanX White Shock range that I have reviewed. If you would like the chance in winning this amazing range and trying it out for yourself, all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter below. There will be some compulsory entries and some non-compulsory entires where you can increase your chances of winning. The giveaway will run for two weeks and a winner will then be picked at random.

Rebecca x

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Debenhams Flowers | Christmas Bouquet

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I had previously tried out Debenhams Flowers before and was really pleased with them and how vibrant the colours were, so I was excited to try out one of their Christmas Flower bouquets. I chose the Designer Velvet Rose Bouquet* as I loved the colours and the flowers that were included.

The flowers come in a large cardboard box, and inside this the flowers were wrapped in beautiful white wrapping and presented in a gift box which is such a lovely added touch. Nothing was damaged when they arrived and there were still flowers in the buds which made me really happy as it meant they were going to last longer and proves how fresh they are. There was a little card with care instructions on the back as well as some flower food.

The bouquet consisted of red oriental lilies, grand prix roses, deep water roses, red hypericum berries and birch. I had never had flowers in the house around Christmas time but I loved the rich reds in this bouquet and it looked amazing in my house, flowers are definitely something that looks great all year round. The whole of their Christmas range is beautiful and very festive with lovely vibrant colours!

As I noted in the previous review these are a little more expensive than flowers you would buy from a supermarket for example, but there isn't excess foliage to try to bulk it up and the quality is definitely worth it. Debenhams Flowers have a guarantee that they will stay fresh for 7 days and these actually lasted nearly 2 weeks which is crazy! I did have to take a few out after a week as they were dying so the bouquet was made a little smaller, but the rest lasted an extra week. Something that really appeals to me is the fact that they deliver to any UK address for free so it feels like I'm not wasting any money where delivery is concerned. If you place and order by 7pm (Monday to Friday) you can receive them the next day which is brilliant for last minute Christmas gifts, I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be thrilled at receiving one of their Christmas bouquets!

Debenhams Flowers have kindly given a discount code to share with all of you, if you use the code DFBLOG25 at the checkout it will give you 25% off! The discount code excludes the Flowers By Post Range, Debenhams Hampers and Wine & Champagne. You still have time for flower delivery before Christmas if you want to make use of this code!

What do you think of flowers around Christmas time?

Rebecca x

Clothes Show Live 2014


I recently attended The Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham, if you didn't know it's a huge fashion and beauty event that happens every year. There are a lot of things going on throughout the day such as a runway show, smaller catwalks, celebrity interviews and talks from industry experts. I filmed the day so you can view that above if you want or keep on scrolling for photos are more information about the event! Also just so you know, this is going to be an extremely photo heavy post!

I attended on the Saturday and when I arrived I went to the press office to collect my pass, then headed to the hall to have a look around. The first thing that I did was head to the beauty section as I wanted to see what deals they had, I was actually surprised at how many deal there were from so many different brands! I picked up a Kate Moss goodie bag from Rimmel which cost £10, a pick n' mix goodie bag from Ciate which was also £10, then some eyelashes and nails from some smaller stalls. I also purchased an amazing Lee Stafford goodie bag which cost £15 and had about 12 items inside! If you want to see exactly what I purchased you can check out my Clothes Show Haul video on my channel. There were also lots of other great brands there such as Models Own, Bare Minerals and Barry M.

I then wandered off to have a look at the clothes, now I only purchased one item of clothing which was a jumper from The Sweater Shop which said 'I <3 Santa", super Christmassy and cute! However, there were some good fashion brands there and Oh My Love had the best deals out of all of them!

The ALCATEL One Touch Fashion Theatre show was literally amazing and I was so happy for have front row seats so got an excellent view! Rick Edwards presented the show and there was a mix of catwalk models and dancers which I enjoyed as it kept you constantly entertained and was a lot of fun!

Overall I really enjoyed myself, the highlight being the fashion show but I was also really happy with my purchases!

Rebecca x
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