The Apps I Always Click On

I don’t go anywhere without my phone, even in the house. If I’m going upstairs then it’s coming with me, the shower? Yep, you bet I’ve got a YouTube video or music playing on my phone in the background. Carphone Warehouse has produced the App Map of Britain and have shortlisted the most used apps of the past year. I have a lot of apps on my phone but there are only a few that I use often so today I thought I would share my most used apps, these aren’t all necessarily my favourites just the apps that I click on the most. It will be interesting to see if any of the apps that I use are part of the top 40 apps in the UK or if there are a few which aren’t as widely used.

The first one is obviously YouTube, I LOVE the YouTube app and use it every single day. Whether I’m catching up on my favourite YouTubers or looking for something new to watch I’m always on this app and it’s great if I’m doing something such as cleaning or the washing up as I can just pop on a video and bring my phone around with me. The next app I have a love/hate relationship with and that’s Instagram. I do love Instagram however more recently I haven’t been enjoying it as much, some of the posts showing in my timeline are actually weeks old and I only see posts from a few people which is a bit disappointing. On the other hand I still have a flick through and enjoy using it even though in my opinion it has gone a little downhill since the updates.

I wouldn’t be without Facebook Messenger, the actual Facebook app I could easily be without as if I’m honest it’s mostly people complaining and there always seems to be a lot of negativity on there however I love messenger. Over the past few years I’ve found that I rarely text people and often communicate with them in other ways such as this app, it’s so easy to use and you also have the option to video call them which is great for keeping in touch with those that you don’t see often or live far away. The last app that I use all the time is Snapseed which is a photo editing app, it’s my favourites to edit photos as it’s easy to use and it doesn’t reduce the quality of the images which I’ve found with other photo editing apps.

Referring to the App Map of Britain three of the apps that I use the most are actually in the top 11; YouTube, Facebook Messenger and Instagram with YouTube being the third most used in app in the UK! Snapseed was nowhere to be seen in the Top 40 however I can understand as there are so many different photo editing apps and everyone prefers different ones. If you’re interested have a look to see if any of your most used apps are in the top 40 too or if you have any dark horses that aren’t as well known.

Rebecca x

*In collaboration with Carphone Warehouse



  1. 30th June 2017 / 7:26 pm

    I only use most of the most popular apps! I’m quite boring in respects to that! I also use the YouTube app anywhere I go specifically when doing my makeup in the mornings! x


  2. Emily
    17th July 2017 / 5:22 pm

    Mine are all in the top 10 haha!

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