Going on a Road Trip This Summer? Make Sure You Read This First!

Driving. It’s the best thing I ever learnt how to do! I remember always wanting to learn how to drive when I was younger and received my provisional license when I was seventeen then went on to pass my test around a year later, and it was the most amazing feeling. When I learnt how to drive I had this sense of freedom as I could literally go anywhere, all I had to do is jump in my car and I was on my way to wherever the roads took me. I’ve been driving for around 7 years now and wanted to talk to you about the dangers of driving in the summer, especially if you are planning on a road trip. The dangers of driving in icy and wet weather are often highlighted however summer driving isn’t mentioned as much and it’s just as important to take precautions.

  • Tyre Failure – Do you ever check your tyre pressure? It’s super easy to do and the majority of petrol stations have tyre pressure machines and it only costs around 50p. Tyre blowouts are most likely to happen in the hot weather so it’s important to make sure your tyres aren’t under-inflated especially if you’re going away and loading up your car. If the worst happens and your tyres do fail you I cannot express how important it is to have a spare tyres with you and┬ácheap tyres are stocked at Point S if you’re in need of a spare, at least then if one of your tyres fails you can replace it easily.
  • Engine Failure – When the weather is hot cars can breakdown due to overheating which is not what anyone wants! It can be worth getting your car checked over for any potential problems, or if not just make sure the water and oil in your car is at the correct levels before heading off. Also don’t forget to make sure you know when your MOT expires, if you’re not sure have a look on a MOT checker website.
  • Dazzling Windscreens – The sun is a major hazard when it comes to driving, the glare can make it hard to see out of your windscreen so it’s important to make sure it’s clean and that there are no chips or cracks. Also don’t forget to check that your window wipers and in good condition and the screen wash is filled up so you can easily clean your screen if needed.

These are a few of the issues with driving in the summer and some easy ways to fix them, if you have any others please feel free to comment them down below to share with everyone and enjoy driving around this summer!

Rebecca x


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  1. 31st July 2017 / 8:15 pm

    Great reminder – these are all things I never think to check! I hate hate hate driving at nighttime the most purely due to the blinding nature of other cars’ lights!

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