2017: The Year of Saying YES!

img_2192-2We can now say goodbye to 2016 forever and put it in the past, it seems like a lot of people have had a bad year so I’m sure a lot of you will be happy to put the year behind you. 2016 for me personally had really good and really bad moments. At the beginning of the year my anxiety was at an all time low and worst than I could have ever imagined, however the end of the year has been more positive with me and Aaron moving house again and getting our puppy Luna. I had some amazing opportunities throughout the year, some of these I grabbed with both hands whereas others I put to one side and made excuses because of my anxiety. This year I really want to say yes to everything that I want to do, if there’s something I don’t want to do of course I won’t do it, but if the only thing that’s holding me back is my anxiety then I’m going to really try to push myself.img_2226-1I think it’s good to clear your mind at the end of the year and do some reflecting, what worked for you this year and what didn’t, as well as what you want to change. It’s good to focus on the good as well as the negatives, keeping it positive and changing what you can in the new year. A ‘tradition’ you could say is that I have a DEEP cleanse of everything in my house and end up coming across so many items I haven’t used in a very long time especially clothing that I haven’t worn for ages. I did this two weeks ago when I moved house, as I unpacked I sorted everything out at the same time and got rid of anything I no longer wanted or used (I’m actually still unpacking so this is currently ongoing). I’ve been doing a lot of planning for the new year, getting excited and writing down everything that I want to achieve making sure these are all realistic goals. It helps me get motivated and I love striving towards goals, especially when it’s a new year as it feels like a fresh new start. The main achievement of 2017 I want to have is to say yes to so many more opportunities and not let my anxiety hold me back as much as it has the past year. Here’s to 2017 and may it be filled with lots of happy memories and love!

Rebecca x