Antipodes Skincare | Grapeseed Butter Cleanser & Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner

Recently I finished the last bits of my current skincare items, this meant that it was the perfect time to try something new. Therefore over the past six weeks I’ve been trying out skincare products from Antipodes and incorporated them into my everyday skincare routine. I’ve always had good results with Antipodes natural products previously so I wasn’t concerned about these irritating my skin. When my face cleanser and toner were both finished, I swapped them over.

Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

In the morning I like to use tea tree face wash as it’s refreshing and helps to clear my skin, however for the evenings I prefer something a little richer with a creamy texture to help remove my makeup. The Antipodes Grapefruit Butter Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and contains Lavender, Blue Chamomile and Vinanza Grape which are beneficial if you have sensitive skin as they’re soothing ingredients. The buttery rich texture makes this cleanser a delight to massage over my face, loosening my makeup from the day. Afterwards I hold a hot cloth over my face before gently wiping off and then finishing with a splash of cool water. It’s amazing at hydrating your skin which is perfect for those colder months which can be dehydrating for your skin, however this leaves my face lovely and smooth. As it deeply cleanses I always feel like I’ve had a little pamper in the evening, especially as it gives me that fresh and moisturised feeling.

Antipodes Ressurect Clarifying Facial Toner

After I’ve cleansed my face I’ve been using the Antipodes Ressurect Clarifying Facial Toner which is designed to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. One of my skin issues is enlarged pores is around my nose so I was excited to try this out and have been using it both morning and evening. Similarly to the cleanser, it’s great for this colder time of year as it’s hydrating refreshing with its balancing blend of Chamomile and Lavender. The spritz bottle is also a great feature as you don’t waste any of the toner when you spray it onto your face in comparison to those in which you pour onto a cotton pad.

Overall I’m very impressed with these products as I usually am with Antipodes, I’m actually yet to find a product that I don’t love from them. I especially recommend their products if you have sensitive skin and if you like to use natural products, however they have products suitable for all skin types. Let me know if you’ve tried these out before and what skincare products you’re loving at the moment!

Rebecca x

*Products featured are press samples/gifted items