Why I Love Valentines Day | Gift Ideas

When it comes to Valentines Day it’s a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, there’s no in-between. As you would have already gathered from the title of this post, I’m one of those who love it! Yes I understand that it’s a very commercial day, companies make a lot of money from it and that you shouldn’t just show the one you love how much they mean to you once a year. I don’t disagree with these points but I don’t agree that these are a good reason to hate the day, and I’m going to explain why. 

I understand why people have a problem with partners buying gifts and having a meal out together if that’s the only time it happens within the year, however it’s very unlikely that this is true. I don’t see it any different to other occasions which are celebrated such as anniversaries or birthdays, it’s another reason to celebrate and treat your loved one so why not! Aaron surprises me with chocolates, flowers and other gifts throughout the year as well as lovely meals out, so what’s wrong with him doing the same on Valentines Day?!

It’s a very commercial time of the year and companies make a lot of money, but this also works the same for Christmas and Easter (this actually reminds me that I need to start stocking up on Easter eggs soon). Who cares if it’s overly commercialised like all the other celebrations throughout the year, why not just enjoy it! So I thought I would share a few gift ideas from Baylis & Harding if you’re like myself and love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, starting with their Pink Fizz & Elderflower Bubble Bubbles. The fresh and contemporary fragrance consisting of Pink Fizz top notes and a hint of Elderflower is a lovely new scent for Spring. It’s perfect for those who love to end their day with a relaxing bubble bath and the delicate pink packaging is beautiful. Also the fact that it’s designed to look like prosecco is the icing on the cake!

They’ve also released a luxurious gift set this year which is their Pink Fizz & Elderflower Luxury Bathing Set. This consists of everything you need to have a glorious bathing experience and includes a shower crème, body wash, soap, hand & body lotion, and a body polisher. The packaging again is beautiful and is an affordable gift set that would also make a lovely Mother’s Day present too. However why not treat yourself to one of these gifts or the Pink Fizz & Elderflower Hand Wash which is currently on offer for £1.61 on Ocado. I’ve popped this one in my main bathroom and love using it, the sweet scent is lovely and the pink packaging is adorable.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you have a lovely day regardless and enjoying either being treated by your loved one or yourself!

Rebecca x



  1. Maddie
    13th February 2019 / 9:44 pm

    I love Baylis and Harding, they make such great prezzies. Love the outfit you look gorgeous xx

    • Rebecca
      15th April 2019 / 11:30 am

      Thank you!

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