Beauty Product Expiry Dates | What I Didn’t Know

Beauty Product Expiry DatesI’m not sure how long beauty product expiry dates have been about but it’s something I never took into consideration until lately. Now must products I would say are normally fine after the POA date (period after opening), the majority of the time you can tell if it’s gone ‘off’ yourself. If your makeup product or beauty item has changed consistency, smell or colour then it’s probably time for it to go in the bin (I know it’s hard, I struggle with this myself). This can actually happen before the POA date not just after.Beauty Product Expiry DatesNow I used to think the POA date for products is the same for all products in the same category (i.e. lipsticks, creams, blushers), however this isn’t quite correct and is only a guide. What I didn’t know is that all products have a specific period after opening date which is on the back of nearly every beauty product, this is symbolised by a little round pot with a M. It has literally took me this long to figure out what this means, I had no idea before! The M signifies how many months of suggested use the product has, and this can vary quite differently from brand to brand.Beauty Product Expiry DatesThere are some general guidelines to give you an idea of how long certain products last, however I personally go by the POA date for that specific product and look out for any changes (especially with eye products).

Lipsticks & Lip Pencils – Three years
Lipgloss – Two years (if it starts to go stickier then it’s probably gone off)
Mascara – 6 months (this is one I like to stick to a bit more than others as no one wants any bacteria around their eyes!)
Powders (blushers, bronzers, etc) – Three years

Skin and Body Care
Cleansers & Toners – 18 months (look out for colour and scent change)
Moisturisers & Serums – 1 year for face products, however slightly more for body products
Shampoo & Conditioner – 1 year (I go through these so quickly as my hair is very long so mine never go unused for this long)
Suncream – 18 months (I pay attention to this more than any of the others, if it’s gone off then it’s not protecting your skin from the sum properly.

Do you stick to product expiry dates or are you more like me and look out for changes in your products?

Rebecca x