Enhance Your Sleep with a Bedroom Revamp

The summer was a strange one this year, so me and Aaron decided to use the extra time that we had at home to start designing the garden. We extended the patio and built wooden planters which we planted beautiful flowers and a vegetable patch. There are still things we would like to do with the garden however the biggest changes have been completed, so there will only be small changes to make next summer and we can really enjoy BBQ’s and relaxing in the garden to the fullest! As one project finished it was time to think about what part of the house to tackle next and the obvious choice was the bedroom!

I wish I had a before photo (I must have one somewhere) as we’ve completely transformed the bedroom. All of the old furniture was moved into the spare bedroom and we replaced it with white and light wood furniture. You can’t see the opposite side of the bedroom but we have our TV on the wall with a few sets of drawers for extra storage. I’m not showing everything as it’s not completed, but this is just a little update on where we are with decorating bedroom.

The biggest bed we ever owned previously was a double so this super king sized bed was a huge upgrade; it’s massive! As we didn’t have anything for this sized bed we decided to splurge on the most comfortable mattress, duvet and bedding that we could find. One of my favourite items that we purchased was this beautiful throw with matching pillows from The White Company, it’s incredibly soft and is heavy so perfect to snuggle under. I am really happy this this as I feel it gives the bed and gives it an elegant and finished look.

Creating a peaceful environment in the bedroom is important for improving sleep quality. One of the key components of a restful sleep space is comfortable and high-quality bedding such as those from Simba. Investing in the right mattress, pillows, and sheets can make a significant difference in achieving deep, restorative sleep. Understanding what is deep sleep is essential, as this phase allows the body to repair and rejuvenate, significantly impacting physical and mental health. By enhancing your bedroom environment and prioritising quality bedding, you can create more restful and rejuvenating nights.

As we have white walls this part of the bedroom still had a bare and empty feeling, so we wanted some prints to give the room more character and gave it a cosier atmosphere. The colour scheme for the bedroom is mainly grey and blue with copper accents, so the obvious choice was to choose copper frames with blue prints. I didn’t want to add more grey to this part of the bedroom as the bed is quite a feature piece.

desenio Aquarelle Shape Poster

I knew I wanted two prints next to each other above the bed, however the hardest bit it always deciding what prints go well with each other, especially online. Desenio has a great gallery wall tool which was extremely helpful in figuring out what prints look good together and it’s a tool which I’ve used every time I’ve ordered prints from them. It’s really easy and straight forward to use and allows you to feature prints in different arrangements and sizes.

This is the ‘Aquarelle Shape Poster’ which is an abstract design painting with shapes in shades of blue and black. As it was originally painted on canvas the structure shows nicely in the print. All of the prints are in the size 50 X 70 which is perfect if you have areas with quite a lot of blank space as it fills the area nicely.

desenio Gold Lines No1

I decided to pair this with the ‘Gold Lines No1’ poster which is another abstract print in watercolour. They compliment each other perfectly and the prints combined with the blue hues and white background help to create a mindful bedroom which is relaxing and serene.

desenio Underwater Dream octopus poster

I wanted to add even more character to a corner of the bedroom which I’ve only just started to decorate and thought the ‘Underwater Dream’ poster was perfect. The blue shades of the octopus perfectly complimented the other prints, and the contrasting colours mixed with the shapes of the octopuses tentacles is really fun. This print adds to the calm atmosphere of the bedroom, however is also a great pop of character to the room.

Even though the bedroom isn’t finished, I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together. There’s a few more pieces of furniture to buy such as a desk to do my hair and makeup in the morning as well as decor items to give that finishing touch.

Rebecca x