Christmas Lush Haul 2014

Recently I picked up a few bits from the Lush Christmas 2014 range. They have some exciting new bits this year as well as some well loved favourites from last year! You can watch my haul video below or carry on scrolling down to read the post on the products I picked up.

Christmas Lush Haul 2014
Lush Luxury Lush Pud Review

Luxury Lush Pud – £3.50
This is one of the most exciting ones that I got, it’s similar to the Lush Pud that was released last year but it’s pink instead of purple which I think looks a lot better. When you drop this bath bomb into the bath different colours come out of the circles, all of the colours look so beautiful swirling together. It ends up leaving your bath lovely and pink and has a very relaxing scent. It smells of yang gland and lavender but I feel that the lavender scent is more overpowering than the ylang yang.
Lush Butterbear Review

Butterbear – £1.95
Next is Butterbear which is another new addition that Lush have brought out this year. What drew me to him is just how cute he is, he has a little brown nose and is adorable! He’s vanilla scented which is the same as the Butterball bath bomb is you have smelt that one before. The cocoa butter makes the water feel soft and your skin silky smooth after.
Lush Candy Mountain Review

Candy Mountain – £2.75
Now Candy Mountain was my favourite last year, I was obsessed with the Snow Fairy scent which smells like pear drops, marshmallows and sweets. It’s a bubble bar so you just crumble some off in the bath and it makes your bath pink and filled with lots of bubbles, I do love a good bubble bath! If you love sweet scents then you will definitely love this one!
Lush Cinders Review

Cinders – £2.50
This year I have been enjoying warmer scents a lot more compared to sweeter scents, and Cinders is perfect. It has a spicy cinnamon scent and always puts me in a Christmassy mood. Your bath turns a golden yellow and contains popping candy so you hear crackling as you pop this into the water.
Lush The Christmas Penguin Review

The Christmas Penguin – £3.25
Firstly how cute is this little guy, he is absolutely adorable! He’s a bubble bar so fills your baths with lots of bubbles and turns your bath pale blue. The scent is orange and lemon which is my least favourite out of all of the ones I picked up but that’s mainly because I have been preferring warmer spicy scents at the moment.
Lush The Melting Snowman Review

The Melting Snowman – £2.25
This is the last one I picked up and it’s a bath melt. Bath melts are known to be filled with lots of nourishing goodies for your skin, the main ones being almond oil and cocoa butter. As for the scent it’s very similar to Cinders, very warming and spicy which I love! I would pop him into your bath as soon as you start running it as it can take a while for him to fully melt, that’s what I do and by the time I get into the bath there’s still a little bit of him left to melt.

Have you picked up any of the Christmas goodies at Lush? You can view the rest of the Christmas range here!

Rebecca x