December Degustabox

December Degustabox review
If you didn’t know Degustabox is a monthly food subscription box that costs £12.99 and is filled with a selection of products from established and new brands which is a surprise each month. I have tried a previous months and really enjoyed it so I’m excited to share with you Decembers Degustabox* as I am a big foodie! Also just like last time there was lots of bubble wrap inside as well as specific products being in bubble wrap bags so nothing was damaged when it arrived.
December Degustabox review
The Chia Co | Popchips | Pukka Green Tea | Bahlsen Biscuits
Even though I have been eating very unhealthy lately due to the festive period, I am interested in trying out healthy foods as I plan on eating healthier again after Christmas. The Chia Co is something that I have seen quite a lot but had never tried before, the Oats & Chia Mixed Berry packet is a porridge which I tried out today and loved the taste of it. Also included was a Chia Shot which you can add to food such as porridge and salads. Moving onto the Pukka Green Tea, this uses fairly-traded green herbs and I have been enjoying these, they are helping me cut down on normal tea as I drink a lot of it and these are great for replacing a few of them throughout the day.
I’ve had these Barbecue Popchips before and I love them, they taste like they are unhealthy because they are so flavoursome and delicious. Now onto the Bahlsen Biscuits, they come in both Milk Chocolate and Caramel, both are delicious and great with a cup of tea!

December Degustabox review
Gloworm | Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine
 I had tried a Gloworm drink for the first time this month at the Clothes Show Live and found it refreshing,  these can also be used as mixers as each is designed to go well with specific drinks. Now I don’t drink alcohol often and on Christmas I don’t consume any alcohol as I tend to drive people back in the evening so I’m excited to try out this alcohol-free wine!
December Degustabox review
Bonne Maman | Frylight Infuse Chilli | Kent’s Kitchen Meal Kit
I personally am not that over keen on marmalade but my mum loves it so I’ll be giving it to her. It’s meant to be fresh, zingy and is made with thick shred orange peels, so if you enjoy marmalade this might be something that you would enjoy. I’m excited to try out the Frylight Infuse Chilli as I love cooking and this is basically chilli oil in a spray which makes it really simple and easy to use. The last product is a meal kit, I like the idea of these because you can make an authentic meal with natural ingredients. If you normally make curry with a jar of curry sauce but want to be a bit more adventurous without staring from scratch, this would be great for you.
So this was my second time trying out Degustabox and I am just as impressed as I was the first time, everything in the box came to a total of £25.75 so it was also good value. If you are interesting in trying this out I have a £3 off code for your first order 4WPS4. Have you tried out Degustabox before?
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  1. coco
    3rd January 2015 / 11:29 am

    Yes they are delicious!!

    • coco
      4th January 2015 / 1:42 pm

      They are sooooo yummy!

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