Degustabox | July 2015

July Degustabox 2015Today I’m sharing with you July’s Degustabox! If you haven’t read any of my previous posts on Degustabox or haven’t heard about it before it’s a food monthly subscription box. It costs £12.99* a month and includes a selection of different products. A lot of the products in this months box I had never heard of before so I was excited to try out some new products.Degustabox JulyI’ve been trying to eat healthier lately and Good Oil has more Omega 3 and 40% less saturated fat than olive oil. I’ve been using this for everyday cooking and as a dressing on salads in replace of olive and sunflower oil. Next are two Tasty Little Numbers which are 200 calorie meals, I don’t actually ever buy microwave meals however these were quite tasty. The only problem with these is they aren’t enough for a dinner as I’m still a little hungry after, however they would be good if you’re in a rush or if you’re trying to cut down on portion sizes.
July DegustaboxThere were quite a few healthy snacks included this month with my favourite being the Say Yes To No toasted bread chips, they’re a healthier alternative to crisps and they are full of flavour. Another snack are these Fru Snax which are fruit mixed with yoghurt and are very moreish. Then last there are the Taking the Pea wacky wasabi flavour peas which I’m not too sure about, I love that they are crunchy however I don’t really like wasabi. I am going to try these out in another flavour as there are others which I think I would prefer.
Degustabox July 2015There were quite a few drinks included this month, the first being Lambrini which is a sparking wine-style drink. I used to love the original and cherry flavours however had never tried out the strawberry before, it’s actually really delicious which I was surprised about as I’m not normally that over keen on strawberry flavoured drinks. Another fizzy drink is the Newtons Just Apple which is a blend of apple juice and sparkling water. It’s refreshing and has around 40% less sugar than apple juice on it’s own so is slightly healthier. Moving onto the Weetabix drinks which look quite interesting as I’ve never had a breakfast drink before, there are the only products I haven’t tried out however they’re going to come in handy when I’m rushing about in the morning. Then the last product is the Jele Vitamins which is blackcurrant flavoured, even though it’s tasty I’m don’t really like the texture as it’s a mix of water and jelly.

Let me know if you’ve tried out Degustabox before and if you haven’t but are interested in trying to out you can get £3 off your order with this code: KG8M4.

Rebecca x