The Embroidered Lace Midi Dress

Boohoo Camella Lace Midi Dress The weather has been amazing recently and my family from Ireland had come over to visit, so I couldn’t think of better time to wear my new Boohoo maxi dress and head to the New Forest. It was an incredible 32C so we had a little BBQ there whilst watching the horses roaming around and playing in the river. It’s such a beautiful place and if you’ve never been I’d definitely recommend having a drive around, they also have lovely little shops and do great fish and chips.Boohoo Camella Lace Midi Dress Boohoo Camella Lace Midi Dress This beautiful Camella Lace Midi Dress from Boohoo is their dress of the month and is also available in white. I love how you can take a dress and with a few accessories style it up to make it look different and suit your style, a few people could wear the same dress but it would look different on everyone. I don’t normally go for midi dresses as they are a little out of my comfort zone to be honest, however this misquote flattering and is a great length. I love the little straps and the lace and embroidery beautiful. when you look close up you can see how detailed it is. If you’ve read my previous fashion posts then you will know that I’m obsessed with embroidery at the moment and think it’s gorgeous for summer.Cath Kidston Day Bag  As the dress is black I wanted to add a little pop of colour so used this Cath Kidston bag which my family who visited bought me which was so lovely of them and I absolutely love it! It’s so colourful and a great size as I can fit everything inside however it’s still small and easy to carry around. Such a great little pop of colour to the outfit and I’ll be using this bag a lot over the summer, it’s already my current go-to bag and will be for the next few months so you’ll see this pop up again in another post soon. Boohoo Camella Lace Midi DressHeadbands are one of my favourite things to try and keep my hair tame when it’s windy and thought this flowered one would go perfectly with the dress to give it a slight boho vibe! I think it goes with the dress really well and is really pretty, I definitely need to pick up a few more of these as they are beautiful to wear in the summer.Boohoo Camella Lace Midi Dress At the moment I don’t want summer to ever end and even though the weather forecast isn’t looking great for next week I’m hoping it’s wrong and that the sun and heat is here to stay! If it does get a little on the chillier side this dress would look lovely with a jacket over the top which is what I’ll be doing if the weather forecast is unfortunately right, either way I’m looking forward to showing off this dress again when I go to a BBQ next week!

Rebecca x

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