Enjoying the Festive Period with my Dog | AD

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many reasons from Christmas dinner with all the trimmings to gifting presents which are cherished, but the biggest reason I love Christmas so much is because it’s a great opportunity to make lasting memories with friends and family. Every year we visit my parents to enjoy the few days around Christmas together including my dog Luna, she’s a huge part of our family and we love to include her in the celebrations. She’s a Cavapoo who has been a part of the family for three years, however it feels like she has always been with us!

Our pets should be a part of the Christmas celebrations just as much as anyone else as they’re family, so I’ve teamed up with Petplan to share what Luna loves about Christmas and how we make it special for her, as well as some inspiration for gifting ideas for your pets. Petplans priority has always been to keep the nation’s pets healthy and their owners happy, with over 40 years’ experience they understand pet owners needs when looking for an insurance policy. I’ll be sharing their amazing Pet Advent Calendar that’s giving away daily prizes for your pets later in the post, but first I’ll share the main things that Luna loves and what makes Christmas special for her.

Starting with something that is completely free and her favourite activity, cuddles! There’s nothing Luna loves more than cuddles on the sofa which makes large blankets a great gift idea. If you get one big enough they can get all snuggled inside and it’s especially perfect for these cold winter nights we’re having at the moment. In the evenings we all snuggle together and she has her own special blanket.

What dog doesn’t love food?! Her normal dog food brand releases a ‘Three Bird Roast Christmas Dinner’ each year which I treat her to for breakfast and dinner on Christmas day. She eats it quicker than any other meal so it’s a shame it’s only limited edition, however it’s such a great treat for her that’s simple and enjoyable (yes she does also have a little bit of our turkey too). If we’re having a special dinner to celebrate Christmas then it’s only fair that she does too!

Our family and friends always gift her toys, especially Christmas related toys such as this huge fluffy reindeer which she loves to play with as well as to cuddle up to and sleep. As she’s a small dog I used to get her small toys however over time I realised that she loves toys that are just as big as her, especially if they’re filled with squeakers. There are so many varieties of toys from balls to chase, chew and tug toys, balls which you can pop treats inside and Kongs filled with goodies (in particular Luna adores peanut butter). As there is so much to choose from you can find something that suits your dogs individual tastes.

I love to create mentally simulating games with Christmas items around the house such as this Christmas sack she’s currently resting in. What I do is hide treats (preferably cheese) inside the sack before rolling it up and watching Luna try to find the treats inside. This is a fun and rewarding game to play with your pet that’s entertaining for both of you, which also creates some funny memories. If you have a look online there are also lots of different interactive games which are great at stimulating your dogs mind which they often find very rewarding. Something that you wouldn’t instantly think about which can be stimulating are bubble machines, I would have included a photo of Luna playing with her bubble machine but she gets so excited running around chasing the bubbles it would have been hard to photograph (some of you might have already seen videos on my Instagram stories).

Now that I’ve shared some of Lunas favourite gifts and things to do at Christmas, I wanted to let you know about Petplans brilliant online Pet Advent Calendar which is spreading the festive cheer. In the lead up to Christmas they will be giving away thousands of prizes to treat your pet, all you need to do is click on the doors to find out what you could win including pet Christmas stockings filled with treats, fun toys, blankets, cat caves and even a weekend away at a dog friendly cottage that both of you can enjoy. It’s simple to enter, just don’t forget to look behind the doors every day! Aside from treats and toys, pet insurance is the main way to show your pet you love them as it’s so important incase you pet becomes unwell. Their health is your priority and it’s something I would never go without. Luna was insured before we even picked her up and I cannot stress enough about the importance of pet insurance, especially when it’s such a small amount to pay in comparison to what you would have to pay if something went wrong. If Luna ever needs medical attention, I’ve got peace of mind that she has pet insurance.

Hopefully I have given you some inspiration, however if you’re still not sure head on over to the Petplan Christmas Advent Calendar for the chance of winning some great prizes. Giving presents to our pets is an easy way to communicate our love to them, so if you have any ideas that I’ve missed out let me know as I’m sure Luna would really appreciate it!

Rebecca x

*This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own