Festival Vibes

There are many great things about the summer, the main one being the beautiful weather that we have (if we’re lucky) but another that I love is all festivals that happen. Festival fashion is one of my favourites, you can make it fun and bright whilst accessorising with glitter and sequins galore without anyone giving you weird looks. I don’t normally go all out on the glitter but I love seeing all the incredible looks that everyone creates. Festivals run throughout the summer from June all the way to September, they’re all around the UK and there is a lot of choice to choose from depending on your style of music and what type of festival you want to attend. If you’re unsure what festivals to attend and what’s near you then you can check out this list of the UK summer music festivals which is an interactive map of the best festivals in the UK, I didn’t actually realise that there were so many that happen close to where I live.Ever since I passed my driving test which was a good few years ago now I’ve driven everywhere including to festivals, with the rising train prices it works out more cost effective when there’s a few of you going together in a car in comparison to a train. However, as a new driver I know that insurance can be very expensive so make sure you’re properly covered before heading off. I personally have contents insurance so if someone broke into my car and stole my belongings I wouldn’t have to worry as much as I’d be covered for this! I’ve been loving high waist shorts over the summer and for me these are an essential for festivals, you only need to take one pair with you and then just change your top to achieve different styles and looks. These are the ASOS Mom Shorts which I have in a few different colours as the fit is great, I normally have the problem of shorts being too big around the waist but these are perfect. I styled them with this red bardot top from Miss Selfridge which has been a huge trend the past few months and I love the pop of colour.Wedges are a great alternative to sandals for festivals, they’re comfortable to walk and dance in at music festivals and are available so many beautiful styles. These are from Deichmann and I love the beaded leaf design on the front, it’s a more subtle way to add some sparkle into your outfit. Let me know if you’ve been to any festivals this summer and what your favourites ones were!

Rebecca x

*In Collaboration with Go Girl



  1. 8th September 2017 / 9:52 am

    So good that you’re able to drive to festivals, you’re right train tickets are so expensive! Absolutely love this outfit xxx

  2. 17th January 2018 / 9:27 am

    Wow, I love this post. Thanks for sharing with us!

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