Five Blog Maintenance Tasks To Do This Month

blog maintenance tasksBlog maintenance is something that is actually quite important, I used to think that once I had published a post then that was it and left it. There’s nothing wrong with this however updating and refreshing old content can help with a number of different things including SEO, traffic and views. Every now and then I complete a few blog maintenance tasks which I find really help.

  1. Rewrite old post titles – The reason why I do this is to make them more SEO friendly, I know there are quite a few blog titles from older posts that I could change to make them more engaging and interesting.
  2. Check broken links – Broken links are links that no longer direct you to the correct website address, these are quite common and simple to fix. This can happen for many reasons such as the link no longer exists (happens to me when a product stops being sold on a website), it was typed incorrectly or when someone changes their URL. If you’re on WordPress then you can install a plugin called ‘Broken Link Checker’, this is what I use and it’s super easy. It scans your whole site and then lists them all, it also monitors it so lets you know when new ones appear.
  3. Review old blog post content – This is very time consuming so maybe set a certain amount to go through each day and you’ll manage to get through all your posts. I like to refresh and update my old posts to make them more SEO friendly and to see if I can link an older post to one of my more recent ones. I use the Yoast plugin which is amazing and really helps me to improve the SEO of my posts, it also has a little traffic light system so you can quickly scroll through your posts to see if any need improving.
  4. Update old blog post photos – I obviously don’t do this with all my posts such as fashion and beauty posts, however with more lifestyle related ones I do like to update them. I go back through and I might not like the font anymore or it won’t match with the rest of my content, so it’s just little changes like this that I make as it makes it more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Back up your blog – You never know what could happen to your blog so I think it’s important to back it up just incase anything ever goes wrong. If you back it up then you can easily restore it if something happens, whereas if you don’t then you may never be able to retrieve all your content. I use Cyberduck to do mine and normally on a monthly basis as it does take quite a long time to back everything up. It’s not often that you will need to use your backup if ever, but if you do need it then you will be over the moon that you have one.

These are the things that I try to do on a monthly basis  to keep on top of my blog maintenance apart from checking broken links as I do this every week. It can be a little time consuming but it’s so worth it and will help to improve your SEO and subsequently increase traffic to your blog.

Rebecca x


  1. Deborah
    5th June 2016 / 1:49 am

    Excellent points and things I really need to do! I went back and started fixing all of my old, broken links but it’s such a long process!

    • Rebecca
      7th June 2016 / 12:32 am

      If you install the plugin it will really help, it also lets you know when a new broken link appears so that it’s easy to keep on top of!

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