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It’s that time of year where lots of people return back to education whether that be school, college or university and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to new stationary. When I was little my parents always took me out for the day to pick out all my new stationary for the start of the new school year, this is a little tradition that I have kept throughout college and university. I graduated a few years ago so I don’t really have a reason to purchase new stationary at this time of year anymore, however I always do as the best bits are released in August/September time and I’m obsessed with stationary so why not! A planner is always at the top of my list and a few years ago I fell in love with Ban.do agendas and I haven’t turned back since. Every year Ban.do release their 17-month agendas and I always go for the large size, however it’s also available in small and medium too. The illustrations each month are so beautiful and there’s motivational quotes throughout. There isn’t anything I don’t love about them even down to the font they use, I had used high quality planners in the past however none were as fun as this one. It’s my third year in a row purchasing one and I’ll continue to do this next year too.
If you’re unsure where to buy cute stationary then Rooi has you covered, they’re a luxury living company which has the most incredible stationary section with designer brands such as Ban.do, Kate Spade, Matthew Williamson and Christian Lacroix. The next few products are from their website so I’ll include links throughout if you’re interested in checking any of them out as they are all such great quality and adorable. This Sweet Talk Pen Set has motivational words on each differently coloured pen with my favourite quote being  ‘you’re better than unicorns’. They’re very eye-catching and the ink is black which makes it suitable for work. Surely it can’t be just me that finds it so satisfying when pens not only look great but are also amazing to write with!I own a lot of notebooks however this Lemon Kate Spade Notebook is possibly the most beautiful one that I have ever owned. The lemon print is absolutely gorgeous and the paper is lovely and thick, I must admit I can be a little picky when it comes to notebooks as I don’t like the paper being thin as it means that you can’t write on both sides of the page! I’m currently using this for planning ideas in detail and it’s perfect as there are two pockets on the inside which I can add anything important that I want to keep safe together. I always use stickers in my planner, they’re a great way to make it more colourful and fun as well as being able to quickly see what you have happening that week. I normally use stickers on the days of the week that I’m going somewhere or something important is happening such as a special occasion, it means that I can quickly see what I have going on and I generally just love using them. This is the Ban.do Stick Book for Adults, it’s an adorable holographic print book filled with over 700 stickers! There’s everything from goal sheets, vacation themes and zodiac signs to important reminders. This is the third book in the series and it’s my favourite out of the three as I feel they’re more suitable for my weekly and monthly planning.

There’s something very motivating about new stationary, it helps me get reorganised as I really enjoying using new products so I end up becoming more productive and proactive. If you’re like me and love buying new stationary every year then I would definitely recommend checking out Rooi as they have an amazing selection and it’s all very beautiful.

Rebecca x

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  1. 7th September 2017 / 12:30 pm

    This seems like such a nice brand!

  2. Maddie
    7th September 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Yes!! A website that has both kate space and bando, perfection will make an order thank you!!

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