How Getting A Puppy Changed My Life

Okay so this title may sound a little dramatic, however since Luna has come into my life it has definitely changed. Some things I expected however others I wasn’t quite prepared for and thought it would be fun to share them with you. If you have a little furry friend too then you might be able to relate to a few of these.The day me and Aaron picked her up and brought her home my heart melted and I instantly fell in love, but I also had this feeling of excitement as she starts her life in this big wide world. It was only a week before Christmas and she was curious out everything, the bauble hanging on the tree was the most amazing thing ever and the little things that were normal for me were incredible in her eyes. The first time she saw frost was amazing and it made me appreciate the little things. To me it was just frost, but to her it was the most amazing thing in the world. She ran around going crazy, rolling in the frost having the time of her life, rain on the other hand she wasn’t too keen but I loved watching her have all these new experiences and her reactions to them.As you might already know I work from home and can easily go a whole work week without seeing anyone apart from Aaron when he gets home from work, but now I have a little friend with me every single day and I love it. If I’m feeling a bit lonely I only have to look at her snuggled up next to me and it puts an instant smile on my face, also coming down in the morning to see her roll onto her back for her morning belly rub is the cutest thing ever. I’m not a morning person but she has made mornings so much more bearable, and knowing she is waiting for me downstairs makes me want to get up and go give her some cuddles.What I didn’t expect is how much cleaning I would have to do! She’s now fully toilet trained so that’s no longer a problem however the other day she ate something which gave her a dodgy tummy and I REALLY did not expect the following. She ran in from outside the garden and wiped her bum along with a trail of poo all over the rug, I literally couldn’t believe what had just happened. However I picked her up, wiped all the poo off her bum and gave her a bath (I did also use a carpet cleaner on the rug too). I felt so harsh and after her bath she felt much better and snuggled with me the rest of the evening. Even though what had happened was awful my priority was making sure she was okay. I’ve been using the Higgins & Lyla shampoos recently and she always smells amazing afterwards, my favourite being the Moroccan Argan Oil & Ginger scent. They come in pump style bottles and lather up quickly which is great if your dog doesn’t like baths and you want to wash them as quick as possible. I moved house the day before picking up Luna and I didn’t expect to settle into the house and neighbourhood so quickly, when walking her all the other dog owners stop to say hello to her and everyone is super friendly. It has made me love the area that I live in more than I ever thought I would and it’s lovely to see people smiling at her when walking past. A few weeks ago I was sent this beautiful Pink Sequin Collar from the lovely people at Higgins & Lyla, it has an adorable pink bow on and I think it looks gorgeous on Luna. People now actually realise that she’s a girl and she always gets compliments on her walks.
The biggest thing that has changed is that I have become a dog mum, I want to take her everywhere with me, experience new things, see new places and will never understand how anyone doesn’t think she is as amazing as I think she is. It’s weird how getting Luna has changed my life in another big area too, my anxiety. I’m not going to go into detail but it has been months since my last panic attack and I put a lot of it down to this little one. When I’ve been anxious in the day she distracts me wanting to play and there’s something very relaxing and calming about snuggling on the sofa with her. To others she’s just another puppy, but to me she’s the newest member of our family.

Rebecca x