Halloween Lush Haul 2014

I’ve been excited for the Halloween range to be released at Lush for a while now, so when they came out I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I popped into my local Lush store and picked a few different bits, I did get a lot of Christmas products but thought it made sense to show my Halloween bits first! I filmed a haul video if you wanted to watch that, if not just scroll down to read my post on the products.
Lush Halloween 2014
Lush Halloween 2014 Wizard


The first one is Wizard, I really couldn’t resist this little guy, he is just the cutest! At first I thought he looked like a penguin as the ‘Christmas Penguin’ is the same shape, but then I realised that the purple is his hat with his little face poking out. He turns your bath a beautiful shimmery purple and contains tangerine oil and juniperberry so is a very refreshing scent!
Lush Halloween 2014 Sparkly Pumpkin

Sparkly Pumpkin

I had to pick this one up as soon as I saw it, it’s so sparkly it just drew me in! This one is also super cute and turn your bath a shimmery golden orange colour. It contains juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils but I think it smells strongly of grapefruit, lovely and refreshing too!
Lush Halloween 2014 Northern Lights

Northern Lights
I think this one looks a little bit like a firework or a fancy piece of dynamite, it reminds me more of bonfire night rather than halloween. Obviously it mainly turns your bath purple but it’s filled with blue and neon green so it beautiful as it fizzes away, think of tie dye. It’s jasmine and ylang ylang scented but the ylang ylang is more powerful than the jasmine.
Lush Halloween 2014 Sparkler

The last one is sparkler, again reminds me of fireworks! This one I thought was quite exciting, as you drop it into the water and it fizzes away but then starts to crackle, it’s a bit like when you add milk to rice crisps. Turns your bath more golden as it’s filled with gold shimmer inside. The scent is rose jam, something I thought that I wouldn’t originally like but actually love!
Have you picked up any of the Halloween range from Lush?
Rebecca x

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  1. SnowGlobe Collector
    20th October 2014 / 7:49 pm

    You make really entertaining haul videos..Big Like!

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