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I’ve been in my new home for a couple of months now as it’s finally starting to feel like it’s coming together. Even before moving in me and Aaron knew we wanted to focus on the downstairs of the house and work our way up, so starting with the kitchen, living, and dining room. It has taken us a while for the dining area to come together as wanted to love every single item and piece of furniture.

I’m completely in love with our marble dining table from Dwell which is quite large and easily fits six people, however as it’s just to two of us we didn’t want lots of chairs to go round (plus we chose large chairs). We just add extra chairs around the table when we have more guests over. The marble perfectly compliments the pink velvet chairs from in the Margot style. It took a while to find chairs which were the perfect style, shade of pink and comfy as we wanted to be able to relax in them after finishing dinner. The grey lampshade with copper inside went well with the rest of the style which I was really pleased about as we bought them before anything else in the room.

Once the main pieces of furniture had arrived it meant that I could start planning what prints to put on the wall to add colour and even more personality to the space. These prints are from Desenio and went for a quirky elephant butterfly, giant egg, flamingo on a wire and a Charlie Chaplin quote.

Onto the newest addition to this area; the bookcase. I fell in love with this in John Lewis and was so lucky that it went well with the other furniture pieces. This hasn’t yet been finished however I’m not in any rush completely fill the shelves as I don’t want to buy just anything to go on them. On the first main shelf there are these beautiful hand-painted dolls from Russia when me and Aaron visited earlier on in the year. We knew we wanted authentic dolls when visiting St Petersburg and fell in love with the design and the Pushkin fairy tale behind the designs. Alongside this I thought it was the perfect place to display this Russian fairy tale book which is filled with traditional stories and beautiful illustrations. They have both become a talking point when we’ve had visitors over. The on the shelf below the beautiful glass pieces are handmade from a beautiful glass blowing artist when we visited Tallinn in Estonia. It makes this area more personal and special as we’ve brought back lovely decorations from our travels.

I’m in love with how this area is progressing so far as it’s turning out to be exactly how I want it to look. I will share another progress update as more areas are slowly completed over the next few months and if you have any ideas or decorating tips please let me know as I’m always looking for inspiration.

Rebecca x


  1. Candice
    15th October 2019 / 8:18 pm

    I absolutely love the table! Everything looks beautiful


    • Rebecca
      14th January 2020 / 5:17 pm

      Ah thank you!

    • Rebecca
      14th January 2020 / 5:17 pm


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