I&K Clip-in Straight Hair Extensions | Review

I had never used hair extensions before but had always wanted to so was excited to try out I&K Clip-in 22″ Straight Hair Extensions* from Hairtrade. These are made from human hair and each set is made by hand individually. As it’s made from human hair you can straight, curl and wash them, just make sure you use a good conditioner if you do wash them to keep them good quality. The clips are designed to fit to your head closely to make the hair look as natural as possible. I was a little worried at first that they were going to be awkward to use but found that this was not the case. I watched a video online on how to wear hair extensions then just started to part my hair and clip them in. It took about 15 minutes the first time I did it but now I can do it in about 5 minutes which is super quick. You can feel them when you first put them in your hair but you quickly get used to them and are comfortable enough for everyday use. I also found them easy to remove, just unclip and slowly pull out of your hair.
The hair extension set included 10 clip in pieces of different sizes as well as two piece without clips which allows you to achieve a natural look. What I was surprised about is how close the colour of the extensions was to my hair colour, they also blended in easily and you couldn’t tell I was wearing them! I just wanted to mention something that I really liked, and this was the bag that they are kept in. Just something really little but I like the fact that this opens both at the top and bottom as it makes it really easy to take them out and put them back in.
I love the way they look and make my hair super long which I love, I won’t be using these everyday but will for special occasions and just when I feel like it. The length I have retail at £72.99 and you purchase them from Hairtrade, I honestly think they are well worth the money. They are very soft and the hair itself is very strong so can’t imagine it breaking. If you are considering these please note that they are actually 2 inches longer than the advertised length so you can cut them if needed.
Have you tried out hair extensions before?
Rebecca x