“I’m So Busy At The Moment!”

“I’m so busy at the moment!” – It’s a phrase that a lot of us know too well. We’re all so busy! Don’t get me wrong, I love having my schedule filled with lots of exciting plans and projects however it’s not always a good thing. Burn out is very real and it always creeps up on me slowly, at first I’m having so much fun keeping myself busy however after a while I reach a point where I start feeling overwhelmed and everything is a little bit too much. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes fills their schedule to the brim so that there’s barely any time to do everything planned, let alone time to relax. I’ve learnt that I need to start giving myself more time to myself to relax, and that it is okay to not be busy. Sometimes I feel like we have to be busy all the time, that if we’re not then we’re being lazy however self-care is so important. I’ve started to have little pamper evenings on a weekly basis where I run a bubble bath and use my favourite products, I’m also spending time each evening to unwind from the day whether that’s an hour reading before bed or even just 10 minutes. It’s all about balance and knowing your limits, how far you can push yourself before needing to take a step back. There’s nothing wrong with turning down a catch up with friends to make time for yourself, it’s actually important and if they’re good friends then they’ll understand. We’re constantly connected with everyone and self-care is something I believe we should all practice. I hear so many people wanting to be healthier by cutting down on sugary snacks and exercising, but what about your mental health? That needs to be looked after too.I’m not going to suddenly start cancelling all my plans, but instead make little changes so I have the chance to take a break and say ‘no’ when I’m pushing myself too much. I’d love to know your thoughts on being ‘too busy’ and what you do to relax and look after yourself.

Rebecca x

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