Louis Vuitton Petit Palais | Bicolour Monogram Empriente

Louis Vuitton have released quite a few bags in the Bicolour Monogram Empriente which is one of my favourite designs at the moment, however I feel that it’s most stunning on the Louis Vuitton Petit Palais bag. If you’re interested in this bag then you’ll want to continue reading as I’ll be discussing the different features along with some close up photos.

louis vuitton petit palais

The Louis Vuitton Petit Palais bag is available in a range of different prints and colours including monogram canvas, black empriente leather and the bicolour monogram empriente leather which is this particular bag. Even though this is a small/medium sized bag, it fits a lot inside as it’s one big pocket with two flat compartments on each side. There are also another two flat compartments on the outside of the bag at the top.

louis vuitton petit palais empriente bag

Bicolour Monogram Empriente in Tourterelle & Creme

It’s a beautifully soft grained cowhide leather with an oversized pattern of monogram flowers and the LV logo printed and embossed. The Tourterelle and Creme colours are a beautiful combination, it gives the bag a sophisticated look and the neutral colours make the bag easy to style with a variety of different outfits. The Petit Palais bag is also available in Black and Beige with the large monogram print, however I prefer the more subtle contrast of theTourterelle and Creme.

louis vuitton petit palais large monogram

Two Different Ways to Wear

This bag is perfect to wear everyday as you can carry it as a normal handbag, or you can attach the strap which is included and wear it crossbody or over your shoulder. It’s a great length to wear crossbody as you can adjust the length of the strap to make it longer if needed. I’m 5ft 7″ and find that the length is suitable, however if I was any taller I’d probably make an additional hole in the strap as I would then feel that it’s a little too short otherwise. The strap drop length is 47cm – 54cm, however it can be made longer or shorter by adding your own holes making it very versatile.

louis vuitton petit palais bicolour monogram empriente bag

louis vuitton petit palais bicolour monogram empriente tourterelle and creme

Gold Hardware & Details

The gold hardware goes perfectly with the colour combination of the bag and there’s also a gold padlock for extra decoration. You can attach the padlock to the luggage tag if you want to elevate the look of the bag further, and it’s a homage to Louis Vuittons legacy of fine luggage.

louis vuitton petit palais Tourterelle Creme empriente bicolour monogram

The Louis Vuitton Petit Palais is currently priced at £2,240 and there isn’t much different in price compared to the Grand Palais Tote bag which is £2,510. However there is a very big difference in the size, so it depends on what size you prefer as they’re both lovely bags. If you have any questions about this bag, please feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Rebecca x