Love Your Tummy!

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Ever since I was little I’ve had stomach issues and these have stayed with me into my adult life. Digestive health is now more openly spoken about and there’s now a lot that we can do to improve this which is a huge relief as many adults suffer from heartburn, indigestion and trapped wind at some point which can have an impact on your day.

Recently I’ve been learning about heartburn and even though I’ve experienced the burning feeling in my chest rising upwards many times, I didn’t completely understand what it actually was or why it happens. It’s actually usually caused by acid reflux which is when the ring of muscle or valve at the entrance of your stomach doesn’t close tightly or relaxes to o often, which then allows stomach acid to rise up into the food pipe.

It’s important to fully understand what heartburn is and the causes, as without this knowledge it makes it a lot harder to prevent and treat. The causes are actually very common with stress being a major contributor as well as eating on the go and specific foods (e.g. spicy food, citrus fruit and juices, fried food).

I’ve been recognising my symptoms and causes recently and have made a few changes to my lifestyle. Personally I found that it wasn’t any type of food that caused heartburn for myself, however a great way for you to find this out for yourself is to keep a food diary to work out if it’s food related heartburn, as well as what foods you should possibly replace. I’ve spoken a lot about why relaxing and loving yourself is so important, however haven’t mentioned too much about the positive impact this can have on your digestive health. It has been a journey to learn to love my tummy especially as I suffer a lot from bloating, however making changes to my lifestyle has been a big factor. So I wanted to share a few tips on how you can reduce the symptoms of heartburn and improve your digestive health.

Relax – As stress is a huge contributor, finding healthy ways to deal with stress is important. One of my favourite ways to relax is to have some ‘me time’ with a cup of tea and a book, getting lost in another world. Sometimes before getting all cosy on the sofa I’ll do a little exercise by taking my dog for a walk as it releases mood-boosting chemicals such as endorphins, which can increase mental wellbeing. However, if you find that your heartburn is worse after exercising make sure you drink plenty of water, as this helps with hydration and digestion. It’s also important to remember to wa it two hours after eating if you’re going to work out, as this will give your body enough time to digest your food.

Avoid Fizzy Drinks – If you know me personally then you’ll know that I never drink fizzy drinks, I could easily go the whole year without consuming a single fizzy drink. The reason? Well it really irritates my stomach causing bloating and pain, as well as heartburn. I’d say that this has made the biggest difference and cutting them out is one of the best things I’ve done.

Stop Eating Late At Night – There’s nothing I love more than to get into bed at night with a cup of tea and some food, however, i f possible you should avoid lying down within three hours of eating, so I’ve stopped snacking so much late in the evening and when I get into bed.

As well as these lifestyle changes to help avoid and ease heartburn and indigestion when they occur, Rennie is another treatment option to help relieve symptoms. Rennie is a fast-acting, effective treatment which helps to relieve heartburn and indigestion, so you can carry on with your day without having too much impact. it has actually been a remedy for more than 85 years and comes in a wide range of flavours and packs to suit everyone. Let me know if you suffer from heartburn too and have any tips on how to relieve the symptoms.

Rebecca x

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