Lush Tea Tree Toner Water | Review

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner
Lush Tea Tree Water Toner
Lush Tea Tree Water Toner
I have been using the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water for months now so thought it was about time I shared this miracle in a bottle with you.
I have tried lots of different toners in the past but found them to either have no effect on my skin, or they made my face feel tight and dry after using. I suffer from the odd breakout, so when I was in Lush and noticed this Tea Tree Toner I couldn’t not try it out. I already use a tea tree face wash in the morning and it works wonders with keeping my blemishes under control. If you didn’t know, tea tree has antibacterial and antiseptic properties so is perfect for anyone with oily or spot prone skin (it helped me survive my crazy breakouts in my teenage years!).
I started to using this in the evening after cleansing my face by spritzing it onto a cotton pad, then wiping it all over my face. First thing I noticed is that it removed the last traces of makeup that I didn’t even know were there! After a few weeks I saw a massive change and my skin looked brighter and not so dull, also my blemishes were kept under bay. If I get any blemishes now they are small, I never suffer from those dreaded big ones I used to get so am totally in love with this product!
It’s £7.50 for the 250ml which is the one I always get, but if you want to try it out I’d recommend the 100ml as it’s only £3.95 which is brilliant as it lasts for ages since it’s in a spritzer bottler. If you suffer from breakouts, have oily skin or are just looking for something to brighten up your skin, you should definitely try this out!
I’d love to know if any of you use toners and if so, what ones?
Rebecca x