Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments & Aqua Seal

Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments & Aqua Seal Review

Makeup Revolution is a brand that has got everyone talking lately, with their incredible prices they’re definitely giving competing brands a run for their money. The first thing I’ve been trying out lately is the Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer*. Now I don’t wear makeup every single day but the days that I do I like it to last me until I go to bed, so was excited to try this out. It’s dual purpose so is designed to not only be a base primer for your eyeshadows, but to also be a sealant to reduce fall out. I had never tried a clear primer before so was curious as to what this would be like.

Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal Review
It comes in a little bottle with a little lid you unscrew, if I’m completely honest I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging, it would be perfect if it had a brush on the end but it’s not really a problem. The formula is clear and watery, all I do it put one little drop onto my finger, rub my fingers together and then wipe over my eyelids. It dried really quickly and my eyeshadow easily glided over the top. To seal I used one of my eyeshadow brushes to put this over the top of my makeup.
Incase you’re wondering this didn’t make my eyeshadows more intense, but was amazing at keeping my makeup in place. My eye makeup doesn’t crease the whole day when this is on and is incredible at sealing pigments where fall out would normally be expected. I also like that it gives your eye shadows a foil like finish when this has been applied as a sealant. Would I recommend this? Definitely, it’s great if you don’t want your makeup to budge all day. Also, it’s only £3 which is great value considering the quality of this product.

Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments in Levity & Angelic Review
Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments in Levity & Angelic Swatches
Next I’m going to show you these Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments* which work perfectly with the Aqua Seal. I love pigments as they’re always super shimmery and beautiful, and these are no different! The shades are Levity (purple) and Angelic (pink), two of my favourite colours! They are pigmented, blend easily, and for only £1 each you really can’t go wrong! I’m definitely going to try out more shades of these as I have fallen in love, I’m excited to experiment more with them around the Christmas period.
Have you tried out Makeup Revolution before?
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