A Mini Travel Guide for Cartagena, Spain

I have another travel post for you today and it’s all about Cartagena which is a cute little coastal town which has a vintage charm. Before visiting I had a look online and everyone said that it was easy to walk about and visit all of the main sights and attractions on foot by yourself, so that’s exactly what I did. There are a couple of lovely beaches along the coastline however I decided to give them a miss this times that I could explore as much of the city as possible, although I did walk past them and they looked beautiful. You might not know that is a Roman and Carthaginian heritage which has been buried for centuries and continues to be revealed, the Roman Theatre was only unearthed in 1987 as it had been obscured over centuries by the old fishermen’s quarter which was built on top of it. It’s a historically fascinating city which is finally getting the recognition that it deserves. It’s not surprising that this historic site has been forgotten about as even before the fishermen’s quarter was built there was a market which went over the top of the theatre hiding it completely, little did they know that a virtually complete structure was hidden beneath! It makes you wonder how many other places have been built over and forgotten about, there is probably so much history still for us to discover and it may be closer than we think! Also incase you were wondering it was around 6 euros for entry into the museum and the Roman theatre.I thought I would quickly mention my outfit within this post as it’s one of my favourites that I wore on this holiday. It’s a beautiful Poppy Playsuit from Oasis and the design caught my eye instantly, as soon as I noticed the playsuit I knew that I needed to purchase it for my holiday. I styled it with these ASOS Embroidered Sandals which are fun and colourful, I was also complimented many times whilst away. There was a lovely woman who called me ‘the woman with the amazing sandals’ every time she saw me until she asked for my name, however I quite liked being called ‘the woman with the amazing sandals’ I must admit!
Just round the corner from the Roman Theatre there are some stairs that you can take which lead you up towards to castle and at the top there’s an incredible view of the city. It’s very interesting to see the contrasts of the city, especially the theatres as there’s a brand new outside theatre not far from the Roman theatre and it’s very strange to see them both so close together. The historical and modern parts of Cartagena are very intertwined. Walking up a little further there’s the Old Bullring which thankfully isn’t used anymore with the lastbullfight being in 1986, which was only around 30 years ago. It was built on the ruins of the Ancient Rome Amphitheatre which unlike the Roman Theatre has always been known about, also you can’t go inside the Amphitheatre due to it not being structurally safe. They were keeping the structure of the bullring and digging around the amphitheatre however the economic crisis have stopped their excavation for the moment. There is a modern panoramic lift which you can take from the bottom to easily get from the top, I’m not a fan of elevators so we walked which I enjoyed anyway but there is an alternative way up if walking is a problem or you just don’t fancy the walk. I heard that it was around 2 euros for the lift and it’s also encased by stairs which you can walk up for a more direct route. Cartagena is a beautiful city and somewhere that I hadn’t previously visited but I’m so happy that I finally have. I love cities which are full of history and Cartagena surprised me with its Roman and Carthaginian heritage. I would definitely recommend visiting the Roman theatre and viewing the Old Bullring if you visit, however there are also many pretty harbours, beaches and a main shopping street.

Rebecca x


  1. 10th November 2017 / 5:05 pm

    This looks like such an interesting place to visit, filled with history. Thanks for sharing and the photos are fantastic :)

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