NYX Gel Liner & Smudger in Jet Black | Review

NYX Gel Liner & Smudger in Jet Black Review
NYX Gel Liner & Smudger in Jet Black Review

I am personally a big fan of gel liners as I find you can apply them more precisely and they are suitable for a wide range of different looks. NYX’s Gel Liner & Smudger retails at £8 and comes in a few different bright colours, however as I’m not adventurous with eyeliner colours I decided to purchase it in the colour Jet Black.
The colour is a very deep black, it’s extremely pigmented and is completely opaque so there is no need to go over the eyeliner or build up the colour. The formula is smooth and is great for when you are wanting to create a smoky eye look, however you do need to apply this eyeliner fairly quickly as it dries fast which can make it harder to blend. If you blend straight after applying it’s easy to do, just bear in mind that you can’t take your time too much. Once this has dried it stays put all day and doesn’t budge.
I’ve been using this for a few months now and the pot hasn’t dried up at all which is great as I haven found this to happen with previous gel eyeliners that I have owned. Overall I really love this eyeliner and want to try out the other shades of this eyeliner but I think they are a little too daring for me. Let me know in the comments what your favourite gel eyeliner is.
Rebecca x

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  1. Jenny Scott Russell
    17th September 2014 / 4:37 pm

    This sounds really good, where do you get NYX in the UK? My favourite is the Revlon one x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

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