October Degustabox

October Degustabox Review

Degustabox is a monthly food subscription service that costs £12.99 and is filled with a selection of products from new and established brands which is completely a surprised each month. I loved the concept of this as I am a big foodie so was excited to try out this box for myself! When I received Octobers Degustabox*, the box had lots of bubble wrap inside so all of the products were protected and nothing was damaged when it arrived.

October Degustabox Review
Pasquier Pain Au Lait with Chocolate Chips | Solo Mashmallow Creme | Pasquier Sliced Loaf Bread

I love brioche so was really happy when I noticed these in the box, the Pain au Lait have chocolate chips inside them and are great if you are in a rush and need something quick to grab in the mornings. The Brioche loaf is also great for breakfast, I like to toast mine lightly in the toaster but they are also a great alternative to using normal bread for sandwiches for lunch. Now onto something I was very excited about, Marshmallow Creme! I’m always excited to try out brands I cannot get here and this is actually an American product available at American Soda and I can’t wait to try out the Marshmallow Fudge recipe idea on the back!

October Degustabox
Get BuzzingOriginal Nutty | Bear Alphabites | Bear Paws Strawberry & Apple
I like that there were healthy and unhealthy foods mixed in the both so you have a bit of both! I’ve literally just eaten the flapjack bar which was delicious as is 100% natural. The ingredients it contains provide fast and slow releasing energy so that it keeps you going for longer. Next the Alphabites are crunchy cereal letter and the Bear Paws taste like gummy sweets but are actually pure fruit.
October Degustabox
Dr. Oetker 90% Extra Dark Chocolate | Dr Oetker Cocoa Powder | Enhance Drinks | Jelly Belly Sours

I’m going to use the chocolate and cocoa powder to either make brownies or a chocolate cake, I’m not quite sure yet but I love baking so am excited to use these. The enhance drinks is a concept that made a huge appearance this year, basically it’s highly concentrated squash and it’s in a container small enough that you can take it out with you. Now onto the Jelly Bellys’, do I even need to say anything about these?! Literally the best brand of jelly beans ever!

October Degustabox
Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce | Kent’s Kitchen | Special K Cracker Crisps
This brand of chilli sauce I actually use, it’s delicious and I especially love it use it when I have salmon and noodles, or in sausage baguettes. Now Kent’s Kitchen is something that definitely interests me as I love cooking and these are great if you want to start getting into cooking but don’t want to start completely from scratch. Finally are the cracker crisps which are one of my favourite items in this box and are barbecue flavoured, they are a lot healthier than normal crisps and are just as moreish!
So this was my first time ever receiving Degustabox and I am definitely impressed, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t use and is great if you love to try out new foods. Also included was a voucher for Benecol Greek Style Yoghurts but I haven’t had the chance yet to pick them up yet. If you’re interested in trying this out I’ve kindly been giving a £3 off code for your first order: LTP36. Have you tried out Degustabox before?
Rebecca x


  1. Maddie
    17th November 2014 / 12:45 pm

    mmmm, I would surely love to receive a goodie box like this one! I am a big foodie myself! :)
    Those jelly beans look so tempting!


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