Please Think Before You Speak

The internet is a wonderful creation, however it’s also awful. We live in a world where others can write anonymous comments within a few seconds shattering your confidence and filling your life with negativity. Many of us have to learn and are still learning how to deal with the negativity on the internet, from trolls who write horrendous things, to others making assumptions about your life, and those who feel that they can judge you from your online presence and think they know everything about you. I sometimes wonder if those people that make those comments realise the full extent of how their words can effect others.Over the years I’ve built up quite a tough skin and those comments really do not effect me anymore, it sounds really bad but I feel used to it now however I do understand how hard it is to step away and ignore those words. I’m open to creative criticism but when comments are just downright mean I will just delete them, not just for myself but for others as I don’t want them to get involved and hurt in the process. I must admit there were times in the past when others made me angry for both myself and for others, however taking a deep breath and waiting a few minutes is the best approach to take. Don’t fight hate with hate.As I’ve put myself online I find that a lot of people assume that they fully know me, however this thought is one of the biggest assumptions in life. You may think you know someone 100% not just online but in real life too, and that passing comment from a stranger won’t hurt them when deep down inside them it could tear them apart. Also the amount of time I hear others say comments such as “I love what you’re wearing but I hate your hair, but you’re so pretty” – those comments which ALMOST sound like they’re paying you a compliment when in reality there’s nastiness hidden inside it.We all deal with negativity and hurt in different ways, and sometimes we can’t deal with it at all. There have been times when I’ve been angry at comments either directed towards myself or others, but stepping back, taking that deep breath and being kind just as you wished that person had been to you is the perfect way to gain some perspective and teach them to be kinder in the future. Before you speak or type, remember the person on the other end of your comments is not invincible even if you have convinced yourself they are and neither do you know everything about them.If you are one of those people who spread negativity, ask yourself why? Why am I really doing this? Is the only reason to hurt them with words? You may assume that they are strong whether in real life or online, however they could be struggling in secret and you never know what effect that comment may have. You never know what someone is going through so please, think before you speak.

Rebecca x

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  1. 23rd January 2018 / 9:24 pm

    Great post! Personally I believe that people that post negative comments, that go beyond constructive criticism know exactly what they are doing. They feel insecure and get power from anonymously making others feel insecure. Very odd, but you are on top of your game and over it. Haters are gonna hate, and truly it is just jealousy girl! Love this blog! You’re smart, beautiful and confident, just perfect!

    xx, Elise

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