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All of the photographs on this blog are owned by me, please do not use any of the images without permission. If you do want to use any images on Rebecca Coco please credit and link back to my blog. Please do not use any images for commercial purposes.

I’m an SEO specialist so all posts are optimised for maximum impact, reaching the desired audiences.

PR Samples Disclaimer
Any products sent to me as a PR sample will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post marked with an asterix (*) as well as a small statement. I only accept products which I feel fit with my blog content and all opinions are 100% honest.

I have never accepted payment to review a product positively and will never claim to like a product if I don’t. On my blog there is a mixture of products that I have purchased with my own money whilst others have been sent to me, these are all reviewed the same. My blog is somewhere that can be trusted and I hope that you find my posts helpful.

Sponsored Post Disclaimer
I do accept sponsored posts such as campaigns and product reviews on my blog however only accept these if it fits with the rest of the content on my blog and is something that my readers would enjoy. These will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post stating that it has been sponsored. As always I am 100% honest in my opinions.

I’ve worked with many different brands over the past few years, if you are interested in working with me regarding PR samples or sponsored posts you can contact me at: or fill in the contact form.

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