How to Have A Productive Morning When You’re Not a Morning Person

lazy-sunday-healthy-breakfast-picjumbo-comNo matter how many posts I read or videos I watch on how to become a morning person, it’s just not me. I’ve tried all of the tips and tricks however I still dislike mornings and never want to leave my bed. There are a few things that I now do in the mornings that make me more productive and I get a lot more done whilst allowing myself to not be a morning person as I’m definitely more of a night owl.

When I wake up in the morning I don’t want to leave my cosy bed, who would want to do that? The first thing I like to do is check my emails and social media whilst still in bed to help me wake up and prepare me for the day. After this I roll out of bed and have a cup of tea with breakfast whilst popping on the TV, yes I know this doesn’t seem productive but I find that if I allow myself to wake up slowly in the morning and relax for a few minutes it helps set me up for the rest of the day (it also makes mornings that little bit more bearable). After breakfast I’ll refer to my to-do list and see what the plan is for the day and then turn on my laptop to reply to emails. As a lot of my emails I personally find quite exciting it’s a good way to start the day and helps to motivate me. Another little thing that I do to help motivate me is think of all the things that I’m excited about for later that day, whether that is a delicious dinner or meeting up with some friends I find it gives me that extra boost to finish all my work as I know I’ll be able to enjoy myself afterwards.

I’ve come to accept that I will never be that person who wakes up in the morning ready to start the day straight away, and since then I’ve found mornings a lot more enjoyable and have been more productive. I find by keeping my mornings simple and not overcomplicated helps too which is why this is quite a short post as if I had a long list to share with you then it would make mornings even worse (I think I’ll always be a night owl). If you have any tips yourself let me know as I’d find it very helpful!

Rebecca x