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Over the past few years there has been an increased emphasis on only having things in your life and taking part in activities that bring you joy, since Marie Kondo started the trend. However it isn’t a phase that has just stopped, it has continued to grow. I’ve incorporated this into my life to a certain extent as we all have to do things that we don’t enjoy, however for the most part I’ve made sure that my hobbies and activities I participate in are what I want to do and not feel obligated.

white summer embroidered dress and floppy summer hat in south of france

At the start of summer I had a huge clear out of my wardrobe, only keeping clothes that I felt good in and accessories that I loved to use. There were so many items such as bags and shoes that I had said to myself for years “oh I might use it next time” or “I’m sure an occasion will come up where this would be perfect”, the occasion normally pops up but the items are never used as they’re not favourites of mine so others get prioritised. I sometimes struggle getting rid of things, especially clothing but I was strict with myself and tried on anything that I wasn’t sure about.

white summer embroidered dress and floppy summer hat in antibes

After my clear out I treated myself to a little bit of retail therapy, making sure I was only buying pieces that I loved and not just because it was a great offer. This resulted in buying less pieces that I would get more use out of including this beautiful White Embroidered Dress which I wore when I went to Antibes in France. I was looking for a white dress with embroidery and instead of going for a dress that I liked on offer, I went for one I LOVED and I’ve worn it over and over again since.

daisy silver necklace with leaf

I styled it with an oversized summer hat which fitted with the South of France vibes and this beautiful necklace from Daisy London, which is a brand I hadn’t previously owned anything from. Their English Daisy and Drop Feather necklace is simple yet beautiful, made from 925 Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Plate. It looks great with almost any outfit and on my trip to the South of France I only brought two necklaces with me, both from Daisy London and between them they complimented all my outfits.

gold fossil necklace

The other necklace that I wore whilst away was the Isla Fossil necklace which is a disc pendant etched with symbols of starfish, stones and shells. It went perfectly with my low-cut tops and will be transitioned into my autumn wardrobe by layering over jumpers. It’s a good sign when you love wearing the jewellery pieces repeatedly, it shows that they are worthwhile investments and great additions to your collection. In contrast, I took many pairs of sandals away with me however alternated between my two favourites.

white summer embroidered dress and floppy summer hat

Now that I’ve been able to condense my summer wardrobe and bring in new pieces that I absolutely love, it’s almost time to do the same with my autumn wardrobe. When I put my summer clothes away and bring out my winter wear, I’ll be doing to same process making sure that all the pieces I own I love. It’s also a great way to refine your personal style as all the items you own will reflect you.

Let me know if you’ve done the same or if this has inspired you to only own pieces that bring you joy. I’ve already got my eye on a camel duffle coat for the winter months which I’m very excited about.

*Daisy London products featured are press samples/gifted items


  1. Millie
    17th October 2019 / 10:00 am

    That Daisy necklace is perfect, going to have a look at it online! <3

    • Rebecca
      14th January 2020 / 5:17 pm

      Glad you love it too!

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