Sunkissed Glow

I haven’t fake tanned in years because it used to go all streaky and patchy, but when I heard about Dove Summer Glow I just had to try it as I’m a very big fan of Doves products, it’s a gradual self tanning body lotion. When I bought the Dove Summer Glow I also purchased Vaseline Cocoa Radiant to moisturise my skin in between tanning. I have been doing this for a few weeks now so will give a review of the products and talk you through how I fake tan!

It’s very important to exfoliate before you apply the fan tan otherwise you will end up with patches and streaks, and no one wants that. I always apply the tan at night time, so after exfoliating I apply the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant to my knees and elbows, I do this as these areas tend to me more dry than the rest of my skin and I don’t want them to turn orange. After this I just apply the Dover Summer Glow all of my body and let myself air dry for about 5 minutes before getting dressed.

Now I repeat this for about 3-4 days in a row to build up my tan to how I want it, you can do this for less or more days depending on how dark you want your tan to be. To maintain my tan I use the Dove Summer Glow every three days, in between tanning I moisturised every day to keep my skin soft, this also really helps to prevent the tan from going patchy. If you find you do have patches, just gently exfoliate in that particular area a little bit more than the rest of your body before reapplying the tan.

As for the products, I was very impressed with Dove Summer Glow, it’s my favourite fake tanner. It has a lovely scent when applied, but you will want to take a shower the next morning as the smell turns into that horrible fake tan smell, which is one of the reasons why I apply this in the evening.

Now onto the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant, I absolutely love this. It’s slightly richer than normal moisturisers which is good as your skin needs that extra moisture when you are fake tanning. It smells gorgeous and soaks into the skin very easily, doesn’t give you that sticky feeling that you sometimes get with the richer moisturisers.

So what’s your favourite fake tanner, and do you do anything different compared to my tanning routine?

Rebecca x