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Tangle Angel Hair Brush Review It was love at first sight with these Tangle Angel Hair Brushes, how could anyone not fall in love with the beautiful angel wing design on the back of them?! These are the most aesthetically pleasing hair brushes I think I have ever seen, however it’s not all looks with these as they are designed to easily detangle hair, now I’ve tried detangling brushes in the past and have loved them however really liked that these had a handle as others I have tried didn’t. They are suitable for all hair types and are anti-static so keeps your hair smooth, also the bristles are heat resistant so perfectly fine to use with a hairdryer. As my hair is so fine it gets tangled extremely easily and it’s fairly long, so I’ve tried out lots of different types of detangling brushes in the past and one of my favourites.Tangle Angel Hair Brush Original Fab Fuchsia Tangle Angel Hair Brush Fab Fuchsia Original I’ve got these brushes in three different sizes and the first one is the Original in this bright ‘Fab Fuchsia’ colour. As you can see the bristles are slightly different lengths which helps to detangle the hair and this can also be used in the shower. I always use detangling brushes in the shower before rinsing out my conditioner as it glides through a lot easier and don’t have to struggle getting rid of any knots afterwards. The angel wings design actually has a purpose that is so you can hold it around the wings if you want more control when detangling instead of holding it by the handle.Tangle Angel Hair Brush Cherub Totally Turquoise Tangle Angel Hair Brush Totally Turquoise Cherub Next is the Cherub brush in ‘Totally Turquoise’ which is slightly smaller than the Original so great for travelling or if your hair isn’t as long, I actually like to keep this one in my car as it’s big enough to brush my hair properly however like that it’s slightly smaller so doesn’t take up much space in the glovebox of my car and is handy to have.Tangle Angel Hair Brush Pop Purple KeyringHow cute is this keyring brush?! It’s in the colour ‘Pop Purple’ and is great to attach to your keys or even just leave in your bag as it’s easy to carry around. Overall I love all these brushes with the Original being my favourite as since my hair is long it’s nicer to have a larger brush, however they are all amazing at detangling my hair. Do you also have problems detangling your hair and if you do what do you use to help detangle?

Rebecca x

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