Give the Best Gift You Can This Christmas, The Gift of Sleep

This year has been a difficult one for many people and there are now only a few weeks left until Christmas, I know it always creeps up on us quickly but I feel that this year has flown past! With everything that has been happening all over the world, I’ve been spending a lot more time at home and have been enjoying the little home comforts a lot more.

As we enter another lockdown I’ve been thinking carefully about what my friends and family would appreciate this year the most. I know a lot of people have been struggling to sleep recently as it has been a stressful time for many, so what would be better than the gift of sleep?

It’s so valuable and more important than ever to get a good night’s sleep. I’ve previously shared tips on how to improve your quality of sleep such as enjoying a herbal tea before bed and spending time away from your phone, however if you don’t have the foundation (e.g. comfortable and supportive bed, cosy duvet) for a good night’s sleep then those tips will only help to a certain extent. In a time where everyone is more stressed than usual and worried about uncertainties, quality sleep is so important for maintaining good health and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It also boosts our mood and allows not just our body to rest better, but our mind too.

I’ve used a few different memory foam mattresses and pillows over the years, however I learned that the formula for TEMPUR® memory foam has never been revealed with less than 10 people around the world who know how to create it. It’s completely top secret! I must admit that the feeling of TEMPUR® is completely different to any other memory foam I’ve tried, you really do know that you’re getting the best.

tempur pillow
tempur pillow

In the late 1960’s NASA created a unique pressure-absorbing material designed to support and cushion astronauts during lift-off. After extensive research and development the founders of TEMPUR® perfected this into TEMPUR® Material, creating the worlds first memory foam mattress and pillow. They’re now officially recognised by NASA for improving quality of life which makes it stand apart from all the other mattresses and pillows in the world. Even though it’s a complex process to create their material, they explain simply what it does; sleep better, longer, deeper. You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning after having a long deep sleep? If you don’t know what feeling I’m describing then you’re missing out, as it makes mornings so much more manageable.

Recently I invested in a new bed along with mattress, duvet and sheets so my quality of sleep improved a lot, however I still often complained about waking up with a neck ache. Since I’ve been using the TEMPUR® pillow this no longer happens, it feels like your head is resting on a cloud whilst providing support at the same time. I used to love my soft feather filled pillows however didn’t realise that they were causing issues for my neck as my head would be in the wrong position whilst I was asleep. If you have the same issues then it’s time for a change as you’re not getting the support your body needs, therefore poor sleeping posture and body alignment. You need to have the correct amount of support so you can have a peaceful sleep without waking up during the night with aches and pains.

tempur pillow removable cover

The TEMPUR® pillow is very soft to touch and you sink slowly into the pillow, this is the same way that the mattress responds to your body’s shape weight and warmth. The difference a good mattress and pillow makes to your quality of sleep is huge as it’s not just having a restful night’s sleep that’s important, but also waking up in the morning with no aches where your mattress and pillows have given your body total comfort and support, relieving any pressure. The micro-cushions which fill the pillow envelopes are both huggable and shapeable so no matter how you sleep you can squish it into the perfect shape to suit you for optimal comfort. It’s helpful to know that this comes with a soft fabric cover which is removable and suitable to wash in your washing machine, making it easy to keep nice and fresh. Also you might be surprised that the mattress comes with a soft fabric cover to help protect it too!

I actually feel lucky to be able to have so much comfort and support whilst I sleep and would love my friends and family to experience the same, it’s helped me feel less stressed and anxious as I’ve been sleeping a lot better. However more than anyone I’d love to give the gift of sleep this year to my mum as she suffers from back issues, therefore generally has a poor night’s sleep. I know she would appreciate it more than anyone else and as TEMPUR® is actually used in some hospital departments, you can be confident about their highly acclaimed mattresses and pillows. Even though everyone can benefit from TEMPUR® and would notice the difference, those who don’t have the perfect night’s sleep would benefit the most as I’m sure they would have already tried out many different ways to try and improve it.

You can test TEMPUR® in-store when they reopen where you can find out for yourself just how high quality and comfortable their products are. They are offering disposable mattress covers, protective gloves and antibacterial hand gel so you don’t have to worry as they are ensuring everything is as safe as possible. If you’re interested I have a discount code to share with you which will give you an extra:

  • £25 off any single sized mattress
  • £50 off any double+ sized mattress (includes mattresses in outlet)
  • £5 off any full sized pillow

The code is TEMPUR8876 and will run between 16th October – 26th November.

I’ve been really excited to share this post with all of you as well as my family and friends, as a lot of you have been following along with my journey to have a better night’s sleep over the past few years. I’ve finally got to the point where I sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. I’d love to know who you would like to give the gift of sleep to this Christmas? Also why not share this post with your loved ones so they can learn how to improve their quality of sleep too, I’m sure they would appreciate it!

Rebecca x

This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR®, but all thoughts are my own.


  1. Emma
    6th November 2020 / 4:52 pm

    I didn’t realise they made pillows too, it looks so squishable!

  2. Abi
    25th November 2020 / 6:30 pm

    My mum has the Tempur mattress and I have always been jealous but she said it is too expensive for me. The pillow on the other hand is much more reasonable, its on my Xmas list!! Xx

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