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During the summer months I like to strip back my makeup routine, with the ‘no makeup’ makeup look being one of my favourites. It’s actually one of the most popular looks with over 110 million videos on Google related to “no-makeup makeup tutorials”. No matter what skin tone or skin type, this suits everyone. It’s all about achieving a look that’s natural and effortless.

The basics of creating this look include a tinted moisturiser best suited for your skin tone, concealer to conceal any blemishes, neutral eyeshadow, a light blush and tinted lip balm to enhance your natural lip colour. However, this alone won’t make your eyes stand out, and even though you’re going for a natural look you still want to achieve luscious long lashes and open up your eyes. But mascara looks unnatural, so that’s where Ardell lashes come in.

Lashes are no longer ‘one size fits all’, which never worked in the first place. False lashes used to have a bit of a bad reputation for looking fake, being hard to apply, uncomfortable, and high maintenance where they didn’t last all day. However, Ardell’s false lashes have come a long way since then, so you can easily achieve the perfect natural flutter.

Ardell are the leader of false lashes worldwide create lashes that are specifically suited to your eye shape, this makes them look more natural and flattering. They created the original ‘wispies’ which are iconic and a firm favourite for many, giving that romantic voluminous look.

How do I apply false lashes?

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to apply Ardell lashes, they’re even easy for beginners using the Duo Quickset Striplash Adhesive which dries clear and is vegan like the rest of their products. Practice makes perfect, and Ardell lashes have a flexible band which makes it easier to follow this 3-step application:

  1. Place against the natural lash line to check the length and trim if needed, this is important.
  2. Along the band apply a thin line of adhesive and wait 30 seconds for it to set and become tacky.
  3. Align with your natural lash line and press gently in the middle, before pressing down the edges.

Top tip: If you curl your natural lashes before application, they will blend seamlessly with your false lashes.

They’re just as easy to remove, from the outer edge you just peel off the lash and remove the adhesive from the band as they’re reusable. You can do this by wiping the band gently with makeup remover before placing the tray, then you’ll be able to wear them multiple times by practising proper care.

What type of Ardell lashes should I use?

This will completely depend on your eye shape, but don’t worry as Ardell have created lashes to suit everyone. These are the most popular eye shapes to help you understand what style of lashes you should choose:

Almond Eyes – You’ll know if this is your eye shape if you have narrow eyes with a visible crease in the lid, and your iris is slightly hidden by the upper and lower eyelids. Almond eyes can get away with almost every lash style, however, lashes which are evenly distributed in volume and length will emphasise the shape.

Round Eyes – This is defined by large eyes in which the height and width are similar, with the white of the eye visible below the iris. Wispies with more volume in the outer corner are the most flattering and will enhance your eyes.

Monolid Eyes – If you have no visible crease and the skin covers your upper eyelid, this is your eye shape. You’ll want to use fluttery lashes with crisscross layers, they’re the most flattering along with long lashes to open up your eyes.

Hooded Eyes – This is when you have a deep crease that disappears above the eye and extra skin above the crease of the eye. I have hooded eyes and I use lashes that are longer in the centre and taper at the ends to create the illusion of length. I will be sharing these lashes in a moment.

Starting with the Ardell Naked Lashes, their new 425 lashes are longer in the center to visually open and brighten eyes which are perfect for my hooded eyes. They feature whisper-light lashes layered to give a natural look while also making them comfortable to wear.

It’s a fluttery lash that lifts and enhances your eyes. They are lightweight so you forget you’re wearing them after a couple of minutes. I love how they work well with my natural eye shape; often lashes can be too heavy and not enhance my eyes, however, these open up my eyes and make them appear brighter.

Moving onto the Ardell Wispies which are slightly fuller, but still have a fluttery look and an elongated centre to open your eyes. Ardell is a brand that pays attention to detail and quality, as the lashes are knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity.

They give a slightly more dramatic look in comparison to the first pair, but still toned down enough to give that ‘no makeup’ makeup look with a little added spice.

Once I learned what type of false lashes suited my eye shape, it was a game changer. Gone are the days of them looking too heavy and unflattering, as they now enhance my eyes and look more natural. Ardell natural lashes are the perfect way to finish off your ‘no makeup’ makeup look this autumn.

Ardell lashes are sold in Boots so you can pop in-store or look online at the different styles best suited for your eye shape. The pairs I featured are £5.50 each which is great value, especially as they’re reusable.

It’s amazing how much of a difference Ardell’s false lashes can make when you pick the right ones to enhance your personal eye shape!

Rebecca x

#AD. This post is in conjunction with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own.


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