Timeless: Over the Knee Boots

red ralph lauren knit v neck jumper red ralph lauren knit v neck jumperHave you ever encountered an item of clothing that you fall in love with so much that your wardrobe then becomes based around it? Well that’s what has happened recently with these over-the-knee boots. There are so many gorgeous over-the-knee boots out there however the majority of them that I have tried have been too big around my leg and either fall down if they’re suede, or have a massive gap around the back that sticks out if they’re leather. I had actually given up looking for the perfect pair of boots as felt like I was never going to find any that fitted me properly, however it was as soon as I stopped looking that I found them! It’s always when you stop looking for something that it turns up in your life unexpectedly, and that’s exactly what happened with these boots. country attire black waxed jacketIMG_3161These over-knee boots from Carvela are the perfect fit and are in a beautiful soft leather. I find that these style of boots add something extra to an outfit and make it look more put together. Even though I’m just wearing my Topshop Leigh jeans, Ralph Lauren jumper and jacket from Country Attire, it just completes the outfit and is a gorgeous statement piece. Louis Vuitton Mirabeau bag black epi leather IMG_3232Almost every time I’ve worn these boots I have used my Louis Vuitton Mirabeau bag in Epi leather which has a luxurious allure. They compliment each other well and the Louis Vuitton Fleur d’Epi bag charm is beautifully elegant to accessorise with, especially with this bag as it has recreated the distinctive grained effect of Epi leather on the white resin.carvela want over the knee boots carvela want over the knee bootsInvesting in such a classic piece such as these over-the-knee boots that are timeless is perfect as they will last you a very long time and it’s something that you will always incorporate into your outfits each year, it will become such a staple piece in your wardrobe!

Rebecca x