Why Bilbao Is One Of My Favourite Cities

IMG_0215 Bilbao is a city in northern Spain and is one of my favourite cities, it’s not somewhere that instantly takes your breath away because it’s so physically beautiful but the city itself has a lot of charm and a beautiful atmosphere. It has a lot of character and feels very down-to-earth, if you love design and culture then you will fall in love with Bilbao as much as I have. This massive dog sculpture is outside the Guggenheim Museum and is made from living flowers, it was originally meant to be a temporary exhibition however it was so loved that it has become a permanent sculpture. It’s known as the mascot of the city and is more locally know as ‘puppy’.IMG_0104 IMG_0116 There are so many beautiful architectural buildings in the city and the Zubizuri Bridge which combined with the Guggenheim Museum became the symbol of the ‘new’ Bilbao. The floor is made from glass however it has carpet over the top as before this the glass floor was too slippery and unfortunately led to people falling off the bridge. The river itself is so peaceful to walk along and I always get such a welcoming feel from this city, one of the reasons why I love it so much. It’s the feeling I get when I’m here, I feel so comfortable and relaxed.IMG_0081 IMG_0053 This building is the Arriaga Theater which was named in honour of the ‘Spanish Mozart’. It was completely renovated in the 80’s however some of the original furniture and carpets are still inside which adds a very historical feel. Even though this theatre is still used there is a Palace which has been more recently build where most of the theatre products are shown, I’ve heard that the interior decor is very majestic.IMG_0091 If you carry on walking past the theatre then you will enter the Old Quarter which has lots of quirky independent shops, restaurants and bars; a great area to try out the local cuisine. The streets go back to the origins of the city and you will find some of the cities oldest monuments and churches here.IMG_0041 IMG_0052  The Elliptical Square is beautiful, there’s a water fountain centred in the middle surrounded by beautiful flower beds. Every time I have visited here I’ve always noticed people sitting and enjoying their lunch in the sunshine, it’s such a lovely atmosphere. It’s surrounded by a variety of different shops and lovely restaurants, great if you want to do a little bit of shopping then grab a bite to eat afterwards.IMG_0194 IMG_0185 The main attraction is the Guggenheim Museum, I didn’t actually go inside this time as I did that previously the first time I visited Bilbao and wanted to explore more of the city this time however it is definitely worth visiting. It’s wrapped in titanium panels which were designed to capture light, therefore it looks quite different in the evening compared to the day. When viewed from the river which we were walking along earlier that day it resembles a ship and the panels fish scales.IMG_0208DSC00745A trip to Bilbao wouldn’t be completely without indulging in some delicious pastries and visiting our favourite ever ice cream parlour; Amorino. They sell the most delicious Italian gelato and have so many flavours to choose from that you’re never lost for choice. I went for the strawberry whilst Aaron chose strawberry and mango, the fruit flavours are normally our favourite however pistachio is amazing too.IMG_0299I definitely recommend Bilbao as a travel destination, it has a really beautiful atmosphere and the city itself is beautiful and has a very down-to-earth feel. It’s an undiscovered gem and has such charm, it’s a city that has completely won over my heart.

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    • Rebecca
      4th July 2016 / 6:34 pm

      It’s such a beautiful place! x

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