Loro Parque in Tenerife

IMG_9345 IMG_9340I’m back with another travel post, these have been quite popular so I thought I would carry on with them and todays is Loro Parque in Tenerife. I absolutely love going to the wildlife parks especially on holiday, some of the animals which you see they don’t have back home so it’s quite exciting. I have been Loro Parque quite a few times in the past when I was much younger so it was very exciting to go back!IMG_9213When we first got to Loro Parque Aaron actually dropped my lens cover for my camera in this koi pond and they all went crazy over it, however someone who worked there was really lovely and got it out for me!
IMG_9294 IMG_9216I love seeing parrots abroad, I love how bright and colourful they are! There was a parrot show which was fun and they had them flying around, all the children which were there got to hold the parrots which was really lovely. One of my other favourite things was the gorillas, it was quite funny as it seemed like this one kept on posing. Every time we walked past he was in a different position right at the front of the glass, also how amazing does he look?!DSC00332We then headed to the dolphin, whale and then the sealion shows which all included an educational aspect where they would tell you about them, I actually learnt a few new things which was interesting! After this we carried on exploring and came across the leopards, I actually managed to catch one of them yawning on video which was actually incredible to see and you can watch that on my vlog here if you’re interested.
IMG_9245IMG_9232 IMG_9247I absolutely love penguins, they are so cute and Loro Parque has the world’s largest ‘penguinarium’ which is exciting as there are over 250 including gentoo, rock hopper, chinstrap and king penguins which are my favourite. These were actually one of the first animals we went to go see when we arrived! Penguins are just so beautiful especially King penguins as they are so majestic, it was amazing to see all of them swimming in the water as they were so graceful!

I took so many photos that I could never include them all here so picked out a few of my favourites to share with you, however if you want to see more of what I got up to at Loro Parque you can watch my vlog on my YouTube channel as well as my other travel vlogs!

Rebecca x

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