What I Do Every Time I Visit Vigo in Spain

Vigo, Spain Vigo, SpainI recently posted about my holiday on the Anthem of the Seas and thought it would be fun to create some blog posts for each of the different places that I visited, starting with Vigo in Spain. Vigo is the capital of Galicia and is a place I have been many times before so I normally do a little bit of shopping, the main places being Sephora and Zara as it’s quite a bit cheaper than the UK.Harbour Vigo, Spain Vigo, SpainVigo, Spain There’s a lovely little harbour and you can always spot a few people fishing, everyone seems so friendly and I love the atmosphere. It’s a lovely place to casually wander around which is what I normally do now but there are beaches close to the centre if you wanted to go take a dip in the sea (around a 10 minute taxi ride from the centre). You can also visit Vigo’s old district which covers the area above the marina. There are lovely plazas, building and streets which survived the medieval period which gives a slightly historic feel whilst walking around.Vigo, SpainMe and Aaron now have a little tradition where every time we visit Vigo we go to the same shop to purchase a keyring. This time I chose Snow White which I thought was so cute whilst Aaron decided on Superman. It’s just a fun thing to do every year we return, last time we got a Batman and Peter Pan and they remind me so much of holiday when I use them.Vigo, Spain Vigo, SpainIf you walk around the main port area you will notice an impressive variety of local seafood which is delicious and I’d recommend trying some out! I enjoyed my time here in Vigo although I didn’t do much as I’ve explored quite a bit in the past I had a lovely relaxing day wandering around. Also if you’re interested and want to see a little more of Vigo you can check out my vlog on my YouTube channel!

Rebecca x