The Waxed Jacket & Beautiful Shawl

IMG_1283 copy IMG_1269 copy Sometimes it’s nice to just go for a little stroll and explore new areas that you haven’t been to before. I love doing this and have actually found some of my favourite places from doing this, it’s those special little cafes tucked around the corner which do the most amazing cakes that you rarely find unless you wander off which make your day more special.IMG_1286 copy I’ve been wearing this Country Attire jacket all the time at the moment, it’s a waxed jacket which I have wanted for quite a long time and I love how it looks. I received it for Christmas and since then I’ve been wearing it non-stop! The inside is a gorgeous blue check and it’s the little things like that which make me fall even more in love with this jacket! The silhouette is tailored and has a belted waist, as it’s waxed it’s waterproof so great to wear when it’s raining (nothing worse than getting stuck in the rain with a coat on that isn’t waterproof). Also you can’t see as my scarf is covering it but it has a little corduroy trim collar which is a sweet touch and gives a more traditional look.IMG_1311 copy IMG_1289 copyAnother obsession of mine recently has been this Louis Vuitton Denim Shawl, I think it’s so beautiful and completes my outfit. As it’s quite large there are so many ways in which this can be worn and I’ve been wearing it quite a lot, it goes with the majority of my outfits which makes it perfect. Just like the jacket this was also a Christmas present and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since then! My go-to bag is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull as it’s the perfect size to throw everything that I need inside ,it even fits in my Canon 70D so if I’m going out and want to take that camera with me I don’t have the hassle of carrying it about separately.IMG_1304 copy These Bertie boots have been a staple this winter, they’re the perfect brogue boots which look great with jeans and give a smart yet casual look. I basically only wear boots throughout the winter and these are my most worn ones so are an obvious favourite of mine to share with you.IMG_1272 copy IMG_1319 copyI’ve been wearing this look quite a lot lately, and I love how by just changing my scarf and bag I can create a different feel to the outfit which I’ve been doing to change it up a little bit. Let me know if you love going on little walks to explore new places and if there are any hidden gems that you have found by doing this!

Rebecca x



  1. Candice
    27th January 2016 / 2:20 pm

    That jacket looks gorgeous!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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