You Beauty Discovery Box | April 2014

I’m a bit late putting up this post but had totally forgot about it! I’ve been using a few of the products so it will be an unboxing/review of Aprils You Beauty Discovery Box.

Clayspray – Red Clay Face Mask
When I first used this I got it everywhere, I didn’t realise it was going to come out so quickly, it literally sprays out! It was brown, thick and had that fake chocolate smell which I personally am not that over keen on. I applied the mask all over my face, waited until it was it was dry then rinsed it all off with warm water. My skin felt so smooth afterwards and my complexion looked clearer.

Clayspray – White Clay Face Mask
Similar to the previous one but white clay instead of red. This is meant to exfoliate, renew and energize. I much preferred this one, it was stone in colour, thick and had a much less obvious scent. After following the same steps my face was smoother, any redness on my face had gone and my skin tone was more even. I definitely preferred this one as it made a bigger difference to my skin and is helping my face stay clear.

The Organic Pharmacy – Antioxidant Face Cream
This face cream is meant to protect and rejuvenate and includes wrinkle fighting herms and vitamins C and E. It made my skin feel moisturised and nourished afterwards but as it was a small sample I don’t know about any long term benefits.

9bar Fruity
This was delicious, had lots of mixed seeds and left me feeling full for quite a while! Definitely a good alternative if you need energy.
Rebecca x

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  1. Kate
    1st May 2014 / 7:20 pm

    THis looks like such a great box; they really need to start offering this in the US!

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